Henry’s Healing Journey

Our son turned 5 in June this year. He has always been very active, a deep thinker and has a great imagination.

We started to notice early this year that he was becoming very cautious, sometimes anxious and would often have negative or sad thoughts. As covid restrictions hit in March, we began homeschooling like most families. However, as the weeks wore on we noticed his anxiety increasing to the point where he needed a running detailed itinerary of my movements around the house all day. Constantly calling out to me so he could ascertain by my reply where I was in the house. If I didn’t answer he would go into full panic attack mode until he found me.

This extreme anxiety filtered into his ability to learn, concentrate and his memory suffered terribly. He was constantly stressed over everything and his anger increased whilst his patience disappeared altogether. When he started showing signs or behaviours that looked like OCD and the entire family was at breaking point, we started visiting GPs, Paediatricians and got on waitlists for a child psychologist to try and help him. Most were not helpful but were very expensive and due to covid, we had at least a 2-month wait to even see the psychologist which terrified me because on a daily basis I was watching my child’s happy – go caring personality vanishing.

I had been interested in “alternative” medicine and had tried kinesiology and reiki in the past on myself but I was nervous about contacting Heal with Ease, I don’t why. I had a friend who had had great results with Cathy and she had mentioned a few times over the months I should reach out to them about Henry.

Two weeks before our appointment with the psychologist I finally decided to email Cathy asking for assistance. She explained the process and I took the leap of faith.

BEST decision ever, the change in Henry was incredible. Even my skeptic husband was astounded and started actually admitting to people what we were trying. I had messages from his teacher and
our family and friends commented on the turn around because it was so noticeable.

Our Henry was back. I don’t fully understand the process but I can see it worked. He is still cautious but our family is on track again. We have started plans for our other son and I will be booking myself in soon too. Heal with Ease will always be part of our family moving forward and I have confidence knowing I have their support when needed in the future.

Thank you, Cathy, and everyone at Heal with Ease.

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