Quantum Healing Techniques – Modalities

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing can be a valuable tool for anyone to learn. It involves asking a very simple yes/no question to help tap into hidden knowledge. Simple questions can make it easier to gain answers. With practice and training you will enable more accurate results.

Quantum Physics

If you look into Quantum Physics, one principle is that everything is in a constant form of movement/vibration along side this is the belief that everything is connected, which leads us to the theory of Quantum Entanglement. We are using the theory of Quantum Entanglement when we Muscle Test at a distance.


A lot of work was done in the early-mid 1900’s when there was a split between America and England about where and how they each work with the knowledge they had about these principles.

A lot of work was put into developing instruments that could match and create energy patterns and transmit these energy patterns to correct and stimulate life forces. Radionics is used as a supportive and diagnostic process for helping repair and heal problems after issues.

Some treating is carried out with Radionics, these treatments tend to be on a pulsed system with a number of doses over a period of time.

N.B. Bio – Dynamics and Radionics both work with low potencies and repeat dose. This is more along the lines of proving remedies, which is in contrast to the high potencies used in some other forms of healing where a 1 dose process is quite normal.


We have been using and helping people to understand the use of homeopathic remedies on their families and animals for 9 years. Our experience has allowed us to provide  knowledge and remedies to suit their needs.  This allows people to act quickly to help themselves and their animals.

There are about 2500 homeopathic remedies that have been researched and proven. Homeopathy in the basic form is  ‘like’ to cure ‘like”. For example, if Deadly Night shade (Belladonna) is consumed in its natural form, the poisoning effect will cause headaches, fever, dehydration, convulsions and colic. When you use the dilution process of Samuel Hahnemann, Belladonna will help treat headaches, fever, dehydration, convulsions and colic.

The process in its purest form takes a lot of referencing and studying to learn symptoms, as well as how to match your patient; the way they talk, their structure and the best remedy to fix the problem/s. This can be a very daunting and time-consuming process to learn and become competent at, however a good Homeopath can be a very handy asset. Learning how to use and work with some of the basic remedies can be a great tool to help keep yourself and your animals healthy. They are very simple to use and should be embraced.


Bio–Dynamics were original started by a Rudolf Steiner who set a lot of steps and processes that revolve around Luna and planetary cycles in order to create specific preparations to help balance and improve life forces. Preps are made  using different natural substances. Timing is a very important aspect of making Bio – Dynamic preparations. Once the Preps have been finished they are then diluted and stirred which allows the preps to be used over large areas.

Rudolf Steiner was also very interested in composting, and some of these preps are specific to the composting process. While we are not fully apt at these processes we understand them and work with some of the tools in our healing processes.


Reiki is a healing modality based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch or distantly, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient. This helps to restore physical and emotional well-being. It is a very hands on process in early stages as you gain knowledge and experience. Reiki can be done remotely.

Essences Gem/Flower

There are several modalities using Essences. Generally they are used at very low potencies and used for general symptoms when needed (on individuals more so than on a large scale). They can be powerful tools that are very often under utilized.


These have been around for thousands of years and can be passed from generation to generation. They can effect health in animals and the land. They can be a cause of production losses.


Ghost and Spirits can be stuck here on the earth plane. We traditionally think of human spirits but they can also be animals and plant spirits.
While it is mainly unknown the effects they have on production systems, we feel it is a good idea that they are acknowledged and dealt with if needed.

Trauma – Physical and Emotional

Traumas can be stored in the land from clearing, drought, massacres and wrongs to the environment, people or the land.
These can also be stored in animals and people causing habits and patterns in our lives that can have a limiting or negative effect on our life experiences.

Power of Intent

This is something we all need to work on. Getting clear and working with the “good for all” attitude is the only way around this process.
It can be very hard to do if you have unknown beliefs interfering with your thought patterns.


Chemicals have been accepted as mainstream right across the board. We have gotten to a point where we do not know or consider what animals, soils and ourselves are exposed to every day.
The first things we think about are agriculture chemicals like Roundup, 2,4-D, 2,4,5-T and countless other herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. All have been tested and accepted into farming system.

My question is what effect do they have on our lives and our animals lives. Also what effect do they have on other living organisms in the soil? Agricultural chemicals are only one part of a very large problem. You have food additives, household products, cosmetics, cleaners, fuels, medications, vaccines, stock chemicals, cleaners, radiation and lots more, all used in different avenues of your life which many of us don’t even consider or know anything about.

After reading all the information above you can now understand why we value the use of the muscle testing process. After years of working with muscle testing we are seeing trends across the board. We try not to assume anything and question as much as we can. This gives us a true connection to what is really happening on your property.  It allows us to get to the bottom of a lot of issues.

While helping you with the use of  Energy remedies.  These tools on there own are enough to change your whole production system for the good of all.