Getting Brodie’s Body Back to Fighting Fit

We have been using Heal With Ease remedies on ourselves and our animals mainly working dogs and horses for a few years now and have always found them very effective on a variety of issues such as eyes, ears, abscesses and mastitis just to name a few.

Healing for Brodie

Brodie is my 22-year-old son, he has his earth moving and rural contracting business with 3 men plus himself working for him so he needs to be on top of his game physically and mentally.

Before his healing plan, he was very lethargic and unmotivated he was just dragging himself around and everything was an effort, so when he rolled his buggy and went to the hospital with a leg injury (he was diagnosed with an infection in his leg) they pumped him full of antibiotics and tetanus shots, I didn’t hesitate to call Cathy where she went to work on him straight away. He seemed brighter almost immediately before he even left the hospital.

After about the 3rd healing plan, he started going to the gym with his mates and later on started going to Rugby training again after about 2 years of not playing because of an injury, he is now back playing rugby and back to his old self with a spring in his step and handling life with more mental alertness and his body is holding up to the physical challenges of Rugby.

I am forever grateful to Cathy, Eric and the Heal With Ease team for giving my family an alternative to the mainstream medical system.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

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