Universal Energy Towers, our Journey

Let’s get started. Cathy and I have been working with people, animals and land to help them heal for more than 20 years. This has been an amazing journey taking us through many modalities and learnings, to get us to where we are today.

Our path has been interesting and always focused on different forms of Energy and Vibrations to create healing. We have looked for tools that will work with and not against the base forms of energy we started with, ie. Vibrational Remedies and Reiki. I mention these first as they were the basics for us. We were taught early that different essential oils didn’t mix with these remedies and as we had already experienced great results we decided to stick with tools that complemented it and did not distract/detract.

First prototype of Universal Energy Tower – installed on 9th February 2023

Dowsing was something we learnt a little about in the early days of our journey when we did our first Reiki training. We played with it for a while but being new to these things we didn’t understand Dowsing to its full potential until we put more information together. We have been constantly searching and exploring.

In the early days, I was managing properties with a young family, and time and resources were scarce. Running off to do courses was not an option, it has been a slow process of gathering information from people we come across and going down the rabbit hole of research.

Researching has become a major part of our life over the last 15 years as we are constantly evolving the healing processes of Heal with Ease.

Heal with Ease is a combination of many years of research and life experiences. Always looking and expanding what and how we work, from the basics of vibrational remedies to now dealing with some of the more spiritual and esoteric energies. Learning how complicated we as humans are and the journey we are on, has been a very big stretch for us.

I can understand why some people draw a blank when you start to enter conversations about these types of energies. While other people have a much deeper understanding and are somewhat gifted with this knowledge.

We have always been working from a space of what is good and what is right. How do we help these energies to function properly? While sometimes they are important for people, animals or land other times they can cause havoc in health and wellbeing. It’s walking the line of the unknown and unspoken that has made it a slow and careful process.

Kaffir Lime – a week after Energy Tower was installed.
Kaffir Lime – 2 weeks after Energy Tower was installed.
Kaffir Lime – 3 weeks after Energy Tower was installed.
Kaffir Lime – leaf comparison between old and new growth at 3 weeks after Energy Tower was installed.

As we have been working on this for a long time and getting results with the process, it is only the odd case that we struggle to make ground on, that sends us searching.

Environmental stressors are part of the unknown issues that affect health. We came across the idea that if we used a universal measurement (Hertz) to measure the actual energy/frequency people and animals have access to function with from day to day, we could determine how they would be feeling and if we were making progress with the healing. This is a very interesting process. When followed through, testing people, animals and the land, you start to see big-picture trends about what is going on.

We have always looked at different ways to work on environmental issues both physical and Spiritual. Having a base to determine what energy potential things have access to, to help the body function, has helped us. Knowing this, we have needed to create a plan of action to help people lift their energy.

Food & Water Energiser

The first step we needed to work on was a quick fix on food and water. So, using information from the world of radionics, we made our Food and Water discs – specifically designed to lift the energy in food and water, while it cleanses and purifies. After all, we are what we eat. Low-energy food equals a low-energy being. 

Personal Protection Card

The next step is to work on your direct energy and the space immediately around you, hence the creation of the Personal Protection Card. This was a bit trickier knowing what forces are at play, both physical and esoterically (unseen). Being aware that everyone has to interact and live in this world, keeping the Personal Protection Cards ecological is quite the trick. Knowing that we aim to help lift people and maintain a higher level of energy (consciousness) when they are out in an environment that they cannot control. 

You can learn more about these discs and cards by clicking here.

This leads us to stage 3, how to repair environmental traumas, clear detrimental energies, and help soil and plant health while we lift the home/property energies. This is where the Universal Energy Towers come in.

Just lifting energy in a place is quite easy, but having a good idea of the influences that can cause problems with the extra energy is tricky. It’s our growth and understanding from working on and helping many thousands of people and animals, as well as lots of homes and properties over the years has brought us to the point that we are confident that the Universal Energy Towers can do the job.

Universal Energy Towers – they are a combination of what we have learnt plus some other older techniques.

Paramagnetic Earth Towers – The paramagnetic system was first known to have been used by civilisations in the Indus Valley region of northern India some 8,000 years BCE.

Although, at different times it had also been used in ancient Egypt, China, and many parts of Central Africa. Dr Callahan in his travels to Ireland discovered that where numerous stone towers were located, there were never any diseases affecting these places or their crops. He also reported that the people living in these areas rarely visited their local doctor. They were “always healthy” due to the improved and better-balanced mineralisation of the soils and food sources.

Electro Culture – In a nutshell, it is using copper to make an aerial to transfer Scalar Waves/Energy into the soil to help magnetise the soil. This stimulates bacteria and fungi in the soil to help build health. As you build soil health, your soil will become more friable, hold more water and stay warmer in the winter (due to the increase in microbial activity). This is a great place to start for small-scale gardens. Once you start working on bigger areas with different energy fields crossing both above grounds and below, you need to have a bit deeper knowledge of how to negotiate these issues, or at least acknowledge that there is a lot more to it and start asking the right questions to understand and work around these fields. 

Radionic Field Broadcasters – Field broadcasters are one form of radionics once again using Scalar Waves to transmit energy signals to help with farms and properties. Most often used in horticulture and cropping. Field Broadcasters can be a bit tricky to use, and from the information I can gather they have mixed results. Great in competent hands, but can cause some issues if not managed right.

As you might have noticed by this stage, all of the above use and direct Scalar Waves to help in some way to improve health in all life forms. None of them offer a quick fix but slowly work to improve soil health and magnetism. Some in a more directed manner than others, but all doing the same thing. The results, no matter the form of application, all come back to the depth of knowledge and skills of the person building and positioning the instruments/towers.

Our experiences so far from working with subtle energies for many years, that removing frequency fences and other things that stop or drain energy is a big step towards lifting energy and health. In our more detailed healing work, these energy drains include chemicals, bacteria, viruses, traumas, Soul and Spirit issues, entities, vows, curses, environmental stresses, disruption to organs at all levels and so much more. Once identified they can be energetically cleared and the support of the healing of the damage caused can happen from there.

Whether it is a person, animal, home or property they all have a certain load to contend with, that holds them back from their potential. The Universal Energies Towers can help us to improve earth energies around the home or property creating a high energy safe space. This in turn will work on the health of everything and everybody in that space.