The Road to Health

In this article we will endeavor to help you to understand how we have come to the insights that we have reached. With this knowledge and ability our clients have being getting some amazing results in their lives both physically and emotionally. The changes we make will help both now and into the future as the changes we make with these plans settle in.

This knowledge has come from a lot of sources and time looking at and working on many patients. These thoughts and patterns are coming more and more obvious the longer we keep doing what we are doing. The only variation that we are finding between all the species that we are working on is how quickly generations pass through the genetic picture.

As you know people have quite a long life and we start to reproduce at an age of around 20 years and with every thing going right we live to a ripe old age.

On the other end of the scale you have dogs that can reproduce at 1.5 years of age and their life expectancy is a fraction of ours. So over a period of time there is a chance of quite a few generations to our one. So with dogs we have the ability to breed and change genetics in a lot shorter time period. Now this could be good or it could be bad, at this time I am only referencing the changes both, good or bad as a over all indication of health in our patients.

Yes it is true that over the last 100 years we have increased the average life expectancy of humans by quite a bit but have we improved the quality of life along with it? And how are a lot of our animals travelling?

You would think that with the amount and quality of food and health that we have to offer they should be experiencing the same good fortune. Well with the rate of arthritis, Cushing’s disease, skin issues and a large number of other ailments that seem to be affecting our dogs at a young age, I am just not to sure. Along with the fact that the average age of dogs has dropped from 14 years to not much over 9 years now, how has our success been on this front? Is this an indication of what is coming for us?

What we are finding is that all our patients are individuals, not one has come up with the same selection of remedies. We do get quite a few that come to us with similar symptoms but up to this point of time they have all needed a different series of remedies to help them to move toward better health. So this dismisses the fact of one regime of medication or one modality is the only way to help all patients with similar symptoms. We have also found that some modalities work better together than others and some have a far greater range of tools at their disposal then others. This is why we work with natural energy remedies as they give us by far the largest range of tools to work with. We are always looking for more remedies to use and add to our list of tools available. The more remedies that we gain excess to the better and the quicker the results will be.

For years we have seen and experienced some amazing healing results when using basic energy remedies. Now we have included a lot of other energy modalities and offer them, using the principles of Quantum healing. Using an accurate selection of remedy, potency and timing, I do feel that there is not too much out there that we cannot help with.

Some of what we have found is that our health is governed by far more than just physical symptoms; we all have several layers of health issues to deal with. This is not new for people to hear and there are any number of healers out there that will tell you the same. But the big thing is just at what point are these issues or layers starting to cause health problems. How far back do we need to go to start moving our patients in a forward direction? It is in this search that we came across muscle testing and started to ask questions in a specific format. This process is starting to reveal some of the answers to our questions.

Rather than presuming that we know what our patient needs, we ask!

It was at this point that results really started to show us the answers. As with all of life there will always be more questions to work through and it is only by making changes to the questions and fine-tuning what we do that the results will get more and more astounding.

The way we work and the questions we ask give us access to the highest priority issues for the body. So with each review we get the next highest priority as we work through the layers.

So quite often you may not see some of the physical symptoms change in the first or second plan. However you should note changes on some level mental, physical or emotional. They maybe slight or they could be life changing it all depends on what your body needs done first.

In saying this if your body has a physical issue that is compromising your overall health this will come up early.

Most of our patients have a lift in energy by the end of the first plan.

As we work with more patients on these plans it is coming more apparent what the process of healing seems to be. At this time we test for a physical health potential and number of plans expected at this stage to restore good health. This gives us a base to work from, so as we move forward we get an idea of how our patients are progressing from our end.

The first plan generally comes up with a number of Allopathic, Bacteria’s and Chemical issues that have been accumulating for a period both at a physical level and a metabolic level. At every stage we are working to heal and re balance organs and system functions that are vital for life.

A lot of issues are stored in the body for long periods and we have no way of knowing how they are affecting you right now, or where they have come from. We do know that once they are released the body will be in a lot better state to move forward. We are not a symptom based healing; we are a whole body healing. Working on the whole body may take longer to heal but we work on permanent releases and long term healing. Definitely worth taking time and effort for results.

It has taken a whole life for our patients to get their body’s to the point of which they are now. We have found with discussion with our patients that some of our findings can be found and that others seam to be not within the realm of our memories. We think that there is a certain amount of these issues that comes through in our DNA from earlier generations. So it is fair to say that it could take a while to move a body in a direction of health. In saying this we have seen some amazing changes in very short periods. These changes are just mind blowing.

The second plan quite often is made up of more of the traditional energy remedies with a run of organ issues. It is fair to say it is a more physical plan with the odd bigger issue that has still needs to be worked on. This depends on the number of plans that was indicated at the first testing.

As we move forward with consecutive plans we tend to find that most physical symptoms are relieved and we are working in greater and greater detail. Issues and behaviors that have been in your life right from the beginning and more emotional states and behaviors are released and rebalanced. This is the point that these plans become life changing.

We have been told on several fronts that our bodies have the ability to heal itself. From our experiences we have found that we need to get the level of health high before the body can do this for itself and then into the future. This is our aim.

We have seen several cases of young clients that just keep improving for long periods between plans. This is the very rewarding work as what we are doing with some of the cases will allow these young patients to live a lot more normal life. The changes have allowed these children to cope with the demands of life a lot easier.

If we compare our body to a bucket and consider how it gets loaded up with chemical exposure, medication, bacteria, viruses, then emotional stresses and physical stresses, our bucket quickly becomes full. At this stage it doesn’t take much to overload it. If a body is trying to function day-to-day with daily duties and stresses, it will struggle with every effort. If we can release so of the load, then there is space for the body to deal with day-to-day things without an effort.

It is the identifying of these issues and having the tools to release them that makes what we do so effective.

Life must go on and you are constantly being exposed to stresses that you body has to deal with. If you have space in your bucket you will do so without drama. If not you need to release more to give you space to move.

Otherwise you will find some of your more worrying symptoms or should I say annoying symptoms start. Tiredness, poor digestion, allergies, lethargy, coughs, failure to thrive, skin conditions, poor weight gain, excessive weight gain, etc. The normal response to this is to, take or use more vitamins or minerals, change the diet and then look for some form of medication. While this is quite often an expensive option and makes us feel good that we are trying to fix the problem, do we really fix the problem or just add to it with more substances that continue to fill the bucket?

The next stage is that the roller coaster of health takes bigger and bigger ups and downs the bucket over flows and major health problems follow. Now this sounds like most peoples lives. The scary thing is that we are seeing more and more young people and animals starting off with a bucket that is almost full. So if they are lucky they start life with first run of annoying symptoms. All it takes is some level of stress to start the whole roller coaster of on the ups and downs of health problem.

So whether you are young or old in good health or bad you can empty your bucket a little or a lot to improve your everyday health.

It could be an animal as a pet or performance, or even a mob of animals in production systems that just are not producing to there full potential. We have even worked on paddocks with the same process and seeing some very encouraging results. If you are serious about health now or into the future the healing plans are a great place to start now.

How to get started

To start all we need is a photo of you or your animal, or the mob of animals. Aim to have only the patient/s in the photo to avoid a mix up in the testing processes.

You can email the photo and we can take it from there. We provide you with our report of what is going on as a top layer of health issues and what would be treated in a first healing plan. All indicated remedies are posted with a plan so you know what remedies to take when.

We can save you a lot of time as we don’t need face to face consultations and remedies are quick and simple to take at home. We post everything you need to your door.

Very simple – Heal with Ease.

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