F & Q about Healing Plans

Who are Healing Plans Suitable for?

Healing plans are suitable for anyone who wants to feel strong and well and achieve their dreams and goals in life.

They can be done for people generally, pregnant and lactating mum’s, new babies, older people.

They can also be done for animals, mobs of stock animals ie. Sheep, cattle, goats, horses, etc and also for plants, gardens and paddocks.

What is a Healing Plan?

A healing plan is a personalised health plan that has been especially muscle tested for each individual client. It gives us a clear picture of what is going on inside your body. What load your body is carrying ie. Chemical and medication exposure, bacterias, viruses, parasites, etc and also shows us where your body’s natural functions are disturbed by the load.

Once identified we use specific remedies to clear and heal the body as per the muscle testing.

We do offer a group healing for animals of the same species for $AU150 ie. a small flock of hens, a few pet sheep, 3-4 horses, etc.  Keep in mind that each plan picks up the highest priority for the group in this situation and if one is very unwell the plans will mostly be about the unwell animal.  This is a beneficial process for clearing environmental load that the group will be carrying.

What Happens when I Book a Healing Plan?

After your initial contact with us, we get you to send us a photo of you, or our new client. A head and shoulder shot is fine and it doesn’t need to be current. It’s best if there is only the client in the photo. Forward the photo with any information you would like to share, to us so we can commence the healing process.

Payment for the Consultation of the healing plan is required before we start work. The cost of a Distance Healing Plan is $150 – broken up as $100 for the Consultation, $50 for treatment of all indicated remedies.

Then we test through over 20,000 different remedies and issues to clearly see what is going on inside your body. Again, where the load is and what damage it is causing internally.

Then we research all the remedies that come up and provide you with an emailed report of our findings.

Testing is done in the morning and treatment of remedies is done after lunch. On the weekends we sometimes get to treating earlier in the day. You may or may not notice the changes we are making at your end.

At the initial review, we will be able to assess how your body is running as a percentage and also how many plans are indicated at this moment to bring you to good health. This can vary out the other end, depending on any new exposure or life events that upset your body. The percentage of function is a combination of all levels – physical, emotional and mental.

To get the best possible results we do recommend you follow through with all indicated plans or at minimum three. This allows enough load to be lifted off that you can feel good again. Maintenance plans are recommended every 5-6 months to keep on top of the load.

What can I Expect While Running a Healing Plan?

Every person is different so it’s impossible to give you exact details on this. Sometimes a person might have loose bowels or even break out in a rash as the body cleanses. Some remedies will require you to rest more and you may feel extraordinarily tired. It’s ideal if you can get more sleep during these times as the body can only truly heal while you are sleeping.

Other things that might happen are discharges – nasal, skin rashes, weeping of the eyes and ears as things release. Sometimes you will see genital discharges and for women may be an out of time period or an exceptionally long cleansing period. These are all normal. You can contact us at any time to discuss what is happening.

Remember things are always better out than in.

The Healing Path of the Body

Each healing plan will identify the most important issues for your body. They might not be what is annoying you consciously, but they will be the highest priority for the survival of the body.

The healing path is from the inside to the outside and from the torso to the limbs. So if your big toe is a big issue for you, we might need to get specific remedies to resolve this because as far as your body is concerned it really isn’t a priority.

What can be Treated with a Healing Plan?

Anything really. In our work, we don’t really go much on labels. Labels are given to a set of symptoms which may or may not have the same underlying cause. Our work is about identifying what is disturbing the body’s function at the base level and clearing and healing as necessary to return the body to proper function.

Remember the symptoms are just the obvious signs that something is not right or that some issue needs addressing and/or healing. When you can identify what the underlying problem is, and clear or heal it, the symptoms will usually just disappear.

What Happens when my Plan is Finished?

We will contact you when we’ve finished running your healing plan. First plans and emergency plans are run over 9 days, other plans over 18. We’ll check in to see how you are feeling and if you are ready for your next healing plan.

We hope this answers your questions but if you have any additional questions, please drop us an email.

To book in for your first Healing Plan click here. For more information about Healing Plans click here.