Speedy Recovery from Broken Bones

Having a spinal cord injury is an interesting experience, one that can be quite difficult to understand. The Nerves that carry messages to and from our brain can be a bit like a phone charger lead that’s no longer working properly, you know when they get to that stage you have to sit everything just right for any sort of connection. That is the best way to describe it. So sometimes messages are clean sometimes they are very unclear and confused and other times there are no messages at all. To understand this story you need to understand this concept.

I am permanently on crutches, which is very lucky as I was told I would never walk again. Life had been going along nicely and I’d felt the best I had in a long time when one afternoon I finished work and thought hmm that’s hurting a bit (my lower legs) I went home loaded my dogs in the car and took them out for a run and a play. By the time I got home I was in so much pain I was struggling to move. I was in agony putting the dogs in and I struggled to get to the loo that night.

Sometimes this happens to me and usually within 24 hours, I’m improving, but not this time. This time it went on for weeks until I gave in and decided my body had finally given up on me. I organised for my wheelchair to be sent out, I never really used it after my injury. I had done as little as humanly possible for roughly a month and as my wheelchair was in transit I started to feel better the pain in both legs started to ease and I began to be able to feel the problem. I had hurt my leg about 10 cm above the ankle. From the way, it felt likely a very mild break/fracture. About a week before the pain started I had, had an incident on my horse, I must have hurt it and not realised, likely getting around and making it worse! I’m not a Doctor person at the best of times and knowing my options for breaks on my lower limbs are limited to rest, (can’t operate, put me in a cast, or a moon boot) I didn’t worry about going to the Doctor.

Cathy And Eric immediately started a healing plan specifically for broken bones and within a week I had improved significantly. I still rested it and was very careful for over 8 weeks, but the speed and difference it made once the healing plan started was unbelievable!!

Sometimes the universe does these things for a reason and mine was to get me to start using a wheelchair as part of my pain management, I am still using one and really enjoying the freedom of mobility it gives me but my leg and the terrible pain I was in is a distant memory. I am feeling so much better in my whole being!

Thank you both once again!
Angie Snell, Queensland

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