Highly Sensitive and Uncomfortable to Emotionally Resilient and Happy

Hi Cathy,

Byron continues to be happier and more grounded. Thanks for your work.

At the start of the healing plan, Byron was highly sensitive to people, sound, social settings and life in general. There were lots of big emotions everyday and he was super clingy around others. He has a gene mutation similar to MTHFR which slows his body’s ability to detox. This is probably why he presented with such low life energy in the first healing plan. I’m so glad he was never vaccinated as who knows what strife his body and mind would be in!

I feel that your work has helped to lower the toxic load so that he can relax and enjoy his life more. He is now more calm, grounded, resilient and happy. He is still sensitive but more able to regulate his big emotions. There is no change to his scoliosis but no doubt more energy in his being is freed up now for healing moving forward.

Blessings, Courtney

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