Chronic Pain and Tired Legs Cured

Hello Cathy and Eric, this is to let you know that I’m feeling better than I ever remember feeling before, including when I was an adolescent.

I now realise that for most of my life, I’ve had pain and tiredness in my legs. It’s been there for so long that I didn’t even realise it wasn’t normal. Since doing your programs, the pain is no longer there and I feel healthier and more effective in everything I’m doing.

This is after completing 6 programmes and about a month after the last programme was completed. For me, the results are significant and still there after the treatments are no longer happening.

So thank you both for the work you’re doing and especially for the courage it takes to pioneer a style of treatment where I’m sure many say it can’t be done. It can be done because it is an amazing result for me.

Thank you,
Robert Hilliar

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