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Heal with Ease products are all Natural Energy Therapies that can assist all animals to better health.

Our products are:

  • Cost Effective
  • All natural, chemical free and environmentally friendly
  • Will assist you to avoid many ‘minor ailment’ vet visits, thereby saving time, stress and money.
  • Give you tools on hand to treat immediately
  • Has a proven record of fast and effective healing
  • They are non drug testable providing a safe, natural healing solution for performance animals like race horses, greyhounds.
  • There is no withholding period for stock animals.

Natural Energy Therapies like Quantum Healing, Reiki and Bach Flowers work by stimulating a natural healing response from within the body. This includes all cellular bodies – human, animal and plant.

Heal with Ease has a range of products from kits to treat everyday ailments through to breeding issues, as well as a range of well being tonics and stress relieving remedies. Some of the everyday issues you will be able to deal with are:

  • Accidents, injuries, shock, nerve damage
  • Infection
  • Gastric symptoms – poisoning, vomiting, etc
  • Fevers, heatstroke, sunburn
  • Swollen joints
  • Abscesses
  • Bites & Stings
  • Minor skin ailments and itches
  • Constipation
  • Plus much, much more

For more involved cases we offer a Personalised Healing Program. Contact us at healwithease@bigpond.com to see how we can best assist you.

Natural Energy Therapies, including Energy remedies and Bach Flower Essences are for all creatures great and small including stock animals like sheep, cows and goats. When you purchase Heal with Ease products you don’t just get the product, you receive our support and extensive knowledge to assist and educate you into the amazing healing of Natural Energy Therapies.

Our clients are enjoying the savings in time, stress and money. Read below to see what they are saying:

Breastfeeding problems for a new mum:

I was an extremely stressed out new mother to a 4 week old boy (Chase) with wind who seemed to cry a lot. I was having difficulty breast feeding (as my son had attachment problems) and had spent approx $2,000 on a number of different methods such as naturopathy, lactation consultants, kinesiology etc. Even then I was admitted into hospital for treatment of mastitis. So far, my impression of motherhood was not a glorious one.

After just the first treatment from Cathy, Chase became a different baby. His wind problems were no longer as severe as they were and he was a more contented, happy baby… and I became a more happier mum.

After the second treatment, I was actually able to successfully breastfeed and Chase’s wind problems completely disappeared. He now seems to have a smile on his face wherever we go and I am now really enjoying hanging out with him and watching him grow everyday.

Thank you so much Cathy.
You truly are a lifesaver.
Nic xxx

Horse owner with horse with severe mudfever:

“I have to say this “You are the best” Cathy you surely have a gift when it comes to animals, I am so grateful that you have entered our lives over here, one thing I am sure of is that we would not have a Cherokee to talk about if it wasn’t for you guys, you are truely beautiful honest giving people, and I am thankful for that, and so is my daughter Lindsay for what you have done her horse, Lindsay has found a new lease of life now that she can see Cherokee healing so beautifuly, she has lost so many pets this year that I think she was terrified of losing Cherokee, the energy they both radiate is just blinding now.”

Thank you again. 

Love and blessings
Nina V., Tully, Qld.

Horse owner and breeder with various ongoing horse issues:

… I have saved thousands of dollars on vet bills and have been amazed at how quick and efficient the healing is.

…. having the tools on hand to treat my animals when problems arise, rather than waiting for things to get worse or for medical help to arrive, has been the wonderful benefit of this kit.Jeanie M., Tamborine Village

Dog owner dealing with Cushings in her dog:

Back in September I had my lovely little dog to the vet as I knew something wasn’t quite right. All examinations said that everything was normal. But a mother knows best and after some very extensive tests, the diagnoses confirmed that, yes, she had developed cushings.

Cathy kindly sent me a program for Minnie which I followed and within a couple of days I noticed a change, she was more active and seemed more interested in life. Over the next couple of weeks the transformation was huge. Her coat became softer and she came back to being leader of the pack on the walks. I can only say I am hugely indebted to Cathy and her plan and highly recommend her healing plans for anyone and everyone.

If you are struggling with health issues in your family, then drop us an email and let us know what is going on. We can then advise what is the best way for us to be of assistance to you.

To see our recommended remedies for you and your family click here.

Have a wonderful day.

Love and Blessings
Eric and Catherine Tighe