Heal With Ease Helped Me Walk Again

This past December, I was walking and suddenly, out of nowhere, my knee just exploded in pain and I couldn’t bend it or put any pressure on it. I thought maybe I pulled a muscle so I was gentle with it for a week and I was limping but felt it was recovering a bit and then the following week, again I was walking and BAM! My knee erupted in another burst of excruciating pain. This time I went to my primary doctor and he diagnosed me with bursitis and suggested I be on bed-rest for a few days and just ice it and let the inflammation go down on its own. I was limping and in pain but again eventually it seemed to recover a bit and then BAM! Again another burst of pain. At this point I was pretty consistently limping, walking with a cane, my knee would buckle and give out, and about every two weeks I would get this horrible burst of pain that would leave me bed-ridden for a few days. I finally met with a specialist and they did an x-ray and discovered multiple nodules in my knee. They said I would need to have surgery to have them removed, but before I moved forward with such an intense and invasive process, my mom recommended that I try Heal With Ease first.

My parents had used Heal with Ease to help their dog who had been diagnosed with cancer many years ago- and he’s still happy and healthy all these years later! So my mom reached out to Cathy on my behalf and I’m so incredibly grateful that she did! Nothing had been helpful up until that point and thanks to Heal With Ease I can walk again without any pain, without a limp, and without a cane. I truly credit my recovery entirely to Cathy’s services since there was nothing else I was doing differently from the many other times I had rested and iced my leg. Nothing was working and no matter what I did I would just end up in so much pain and unable to move or walk. I cannot thank them enough for the amazing results. I would so strongly recommend their services to literally anyone in need of healing. I’m eternally grateful for the amazing gift they were able to give back to me. I have such admiration and appreciation for the beautiful work that they do at HWE to help people all over the world with so many different ailments.

Thank you for everything!
-D.R.L., 26yo from California

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