Natural Treatment for Anxiety

Below is Jess F. from QLD’s testimonial on her healing plans.

Before I started the healing plans I was becoming so low with anxiety/depression that I felt like life was hardly worth living. I hated who I was, became overly anxious in social situations, stressed myself sick about everyday situations and often felt tired and upset. Others were telling me to just force myself to be more “social” when the reality was that I literally could not deal with the way I was feeling. I was not in a good place emotionally and had very negative beliefs about myself as a person.

Then……another family member recommended Health With Ease as a treatment that “really worked” for them. So that afternoon I sent my photo through to Cathy. Soon I had a reply. I was functioning at only 52% and 5 plans were recommended. I was truly amazed at the accuracy of the readings. Each plan accurately worked through the feelings I was experiencing and I began to really notice a difference in my energy levels. I no longer felt as tired and felt calmer and more focused in every day situations that normally put me into a “fight or flight” mentality. I found that I could talk myself through a situation more rationally.

I did notice that initially with each treatment I would experience worse symptoms for a few days e.g. increased panic and feelings of despair. However I always felt that I was functioning at a higher level after these first few days.

The service…was great. Cathy was always friendly and prepared to clarify any questions. I found that replies to emails were prompt and professional at all times.

Finally…I can honestly say that the treatment really worked. I was a bit skeptical at first when a close family member commented that “your eyes look brighter”. Then I heard the same comment from other family members and even a psychologist!!! I felt better and other people were really noticing the change. I can highly recommend this treatment for anxiety/depression because I feel so much more accepting of myself and able to cope.

I hope this has given you a good overview of my experience… is a little hard to really explain such a huge change!!!!

Many thanks
Jess Fletcher

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