Anja and her family

Healing Anja’s Family

I met Cathy through a wonderful friend of mine. Right away I was eager to schedule an appointment.

Previously I had some experiences with energy and distant healers for my ailing father. I am familiar with alternative healing modalities, so energy healing was something that sounded very promising.

I was excited to learn that Cathy’s and Eric’s approach is to address and heal the whole person. Later, after I received my daughter’s first healing plan I was amazed how much and how many layers they really uncover, heal and remove. From emotional trauma that can manifest into physical symptoms, to bacteria, viruses, chemical exposure, environmental exposure to genetic and hereditary disturbances. I was seriously blown away!

I was anxious and excited to schedule the first healing session for my daughter. She always has been the weaker in health, compared to her twin brother, although she has been the stronger one at birth. She has had low immunity, several random skin problems, digestive tract issues, mood swings, low energy and fatigue.

Not surprisingly, her first healing plan showed that she was functioning at a very low 40%. I could not believe that a not even 6-year-old is struggling with so many imbalances and issues. I had a knot in my stomach and felt very overwhelmed. Cathy’s wonderful caring and kind energy put me immediately at ease though. I felt a very strong trust and relief and very much taken care of.

After my daughter’s first initial healing plans her energy and mood lifted, her fatigue vanished.

I felt intuitively that she received what her body and soul needed.

I knew that I needed to have all my loved ones on healing plans. Cathy offered to test my entire family. Turned out that we were all in need of healing, with me being in the lowest functioning percentile.

Presley, that started with Cathy’s healing plans first, improved her health tremendously. Her immunity has skyrocketed, she has no more unexplained episodes of vomiting and intestinal issues. Interestingly, her hair is finally growing and becoming thicker. I attribute this to her overall health improving. No more mystery skin conditions.

Her twin brother’s reoccurring intestinal problems are gone such as random vomiting and diarrhea have resolved.

The twins younger sister’s health has improved steeply as well. She never had obvious physical symptoms of ill health, and she has been too young to articulate any un-wellbeing, but what I noticed is the change from a restless sleeper to a calm and deep sleeper.

My husband energy went from a 3 to a 10. He lost weight without trying or changing diet or lifestyle. More recently he had a burning, tender to touch pain around his lower back and abdomen. Initially, I waited to schedule a plan for him, but after 14 days of misery and no improvement, I contacted Cathy to book a session. Within a week the pain gradually disappeared and his well being was restored. Turned out he had huge bacteria load circulating in his body. He is now transitioned from a sceptic into a believer.

My Mom’s (she is almost 80) depression lifted and her overall energy increased. It was like a black veil lifted. Pains and aches decreased or vanished.

For myself, I cannot report enough positive changes. After the birth of our twins (I was 42) and then 2 years later the birth of our youngest daughter, my health declined dramatically. It must have been a combo of stress, the demands of being a new Mom, some vaccination after I gave birth, the sleepless nights that triggered a cascade of dis-eases that came to the surface. The symptoms were heavy fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, body aches and pains, inflammation, lowered to non-existent immunity and mood swings. I barely made it through each day. I went to holistic, alternative doctors where I spent a huge amount of money on blood tests, supplement and various IVs with little improvement in my overall health.

After completing my healing plans I can now say my energy is back to when I was in my twenties, my brain fog is gone, my pains and aches throughout my body have disappeared, my sleep is the best I have ever experienced. My anxiety level has dropped. My entire body feels reset and regenerated.

Since completing our healing plans Cathy has started plans on our home and I can feel a much more peaceful energy manifesting in our house. It’s fascinating.

I am beyond grateful to Cathy and Eric, and I feel words cannot express the full extent of it. We will be continuing to do healing plans as needed, as well as our regular maintenance plans as long as Cathy and Eric will offer them. I appreciate Cathy and her kind and loving support so much. I consider them extended family and my hope is that one day, I will be able to meet them and thank them in person. I feel absolutely blessed to have them in my life. They are truly gifted healers and their approach is so unique and comprehensive, including the wonderful remedies they offer. They have served me very well for all kinds of issues that the kids came up with or myself.

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