Recovery After a Hernia Operation

My husband had a hernia for a long time and kept putting it off until it became unbearable. Going into hospital is quite daunting for everyone and it can put people in a state of stress and stress causes dis-ease within the body.

To compensate and support him I had organised a healing plan for my husband in preparation for his surgery, and then discussed with Cathy to support him after surgery. He had remedies with him which he took before and after anaesthetic. He then continued with healing plans which were suggested by Cathy. He continued to use the kit to support him at home as well.

Our body is capable of healing if it is functioning well and this is what Eric, Cathy and their team do so well.

My husband never had a setback, no painkillers and was mobile the entire time after surgery. He has healed beautifully and even though he still needs to be aware of how much he lifts or what he does, the recovery has been incredible.

Thank you again and again Eric and Cathy
(I have many successful stories to share regarding the healing that Eric and Cathy have shown my family)

Much love

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