Energy Tower at Springfield

Eric and Cathy Tighe from Heal with Ease have been an integral part of my family’s life for nearly 12 years. From healing my family, the pets and our livestock on our cattle grazing property in NSW.

Before Eric and Cathy came to our home, I had an aboriginal woman come and she told me the song lines were distorted on the property and encouraged me to sing to them, especially in the location of this specific tree. This is significant to me as the morning before Eric and Cathy arrived I heard the song lines sing. At first, I did not know what was happening and then when I realised the significance of what was happening it was quite overwhelming, as time seemed to be no longer relevant.

Eric and Cathy came and installed the Energy Tower in the middle of the farm and the experience was incredibly heartwarming. To know that such healing was possible for the ecosystem-past, present, and future was “a loss of words”. My husband who has been unsure of energy healing opened his heart and listened with deep interest as Eric shared his wealth of knowledge.

It was serene, the peace that emanated from the tower was instantaneous, for me it was like the land has been waiting for this knowledge to come to fruition for a long time.

Eric has intentions within the tower, and then James and I have our own that we left there energetically. We left there in gratitude for this opportunity and a sense of peace and calm. Especially as there was a slight breeze as the cows grazed with mild curiosity and contentment.

When Eric and Cathy drove away, James, I and Chloe were up at the shed being in this new energetic frequency, feeling grounded and I think connected would be a good word to use as well. A rainbow showed up in the back paddock where the tower was placed and to my records, it stayed for 1 hr and 18 minutes.

I rang Eric up a couple of days after because James was rattled that night after the tower was put in. I thought it was bizarre what was happening in our lives as this had never shifted in our relationship for over 20 years. It rattled James and his world was crumbling around him. In discussion with Eric, we chatted about the potential of a healing crisis that may occur because of the frequency shift of the earth, as it has been wounded for so long and “it has hit rock bottom” as Eric says.

With the support of Eric (and I am sure Cathy, as well), they supported James to move from this crisis as it was something he had never experienced before. Much to my delight, James’s consciousness is deepening.

I believe this is significant to share as when the planet is at rock bottom and nearly all its inhabitants are as well, we can not see the potential of what is possible, and it keeps us repeating the same old patterns which creates the same old results.

As more towers are placed there is an increase of consciousness. This is the greatest gift I believe Heal with Ease has, increasing the vibration one heart transaction at a time, whether it be their time, a plan, a remedy or now a tower.

James has written something about the farm, so I will let you read that as that will come from a different perspective than mine.


What I can say is the farm has a sense of calm, it is like there is space where before there was no space. There does not seem to be a tug-of-war, there seems to be plenty even though we are doing it tough when it comes to precipitation and feed.

From my own personal experience with the tower, life can be in flow and there can be balance within the unseen, even though the physical seems to be challenged and stressed. That makes sense to me, as our internal world is not defined by the external unless we let it. I feel the tower is the
medium in which harmony will be created.

Thank you to Eric and Cathy for all you have done for us personally and now what you are offering to the world.

God Bless
Nancy and James

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