Protection Cards for Pain and Migraines

Every house that we had ever lived in had the Power meter box, internet and phone all coming into the house on the garage wall.

I didn’t pay attention when we moved into this house to see where the power connection was located.

A series of ocular migraines over the course of a few days sent me investigating possible causes.

I was stressed, overworking my eyes on multiple computer screens every day and work, probably low in magnesium, and experiencing some other possible causes of migraines. The optometrist did all of their tests and told me that my eyes were healthy and showing no signs of degeneration.

I changed my new mobile phone from 5g to 4g settings to see if that helped.

I checked where the power was coming into the house and was mortified to find that it was coming in on the master bedroom wall right where my head was every night.

Frequency and energy healing has been a form of healing that my family has supported and benefitted from for 50yrs in NZ and now here with Cathy and Eric.

Talking to Cathy, we flipped the room around to move our bed to the opposite wall and she sent me some personal protection cards for pain and protection.

The protection cards arrived and I put the card on the lanyard and put it on straight away, and one under my pillow.

The heaviness of my underlying fibromyalgia pain lifted, and I slept better than I had for a very long time and right through the night.

The protection cards are tuned to frequencies just like door access swipe cards, they are tuned to protection frequencies.

I don’t need to carry a pocket full of crystals now and I am feeling less stressed and continuing to sleep well. I have not had an ocular migraine since.

I will be putting a protection card in the meter box and getting some more for family members.


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