Healing Plans to Get You Back on Your Feet

It is 35deg today & I have just come inside from watering parts of our garden that are struggling to cope with the heat.

You asked how I was feeling. All I can say is that 5 to 6 months ago I would not have been able to achieve that!!!!!!!

I was exhausted, lacking interest, & finding that coping with the daily housework & cooking was all I was capable of.

I was so tired & battling movements to walk that I lost all interest in outside activities——which is so unlike me as I love being occupied in the garden.

It is one of my important places to be. Poor Ian had to pick up my slack——— gardening is not his favourite occupation.

This morning I tackled some pruning & weeding & raking. I could not have done that without your help.

My walking is improving & in the last 2 days I haven’t needed my walking stick—- I still couldn’t run a Marathon but I am moving a lot better. Thank you.

Within myself, I feel happier & know that with a positive attitude & lots of Love around me that I will continue with my progress.

Thank you for all your assistance I would not be where I am now without your love & help.

Thank you so much.

I will be still staying in touch. Can’t lose someone like you. Thank You again.

Love Lorna. xxxxxxx

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