Dreams Coming True

I first came across Eric and Cathy through the working dog world. I had purchased a DVD of Eric’s about training working dogs and connected via Facebook. Because of this Eric was witness to my constant life struggles.

Although I do have a disability, it alone shouldn’t make me sick, but I was constantly having major health issues that Drs simply put down to my disability. I was also suffering from what seemed like depression, and serious anxiety. Nothing ever seemed to go right for me and I could not “get a grip” on life like someone you’d consider normal.

I had a lot of fight in me, I wanted to improve and stride forward, but no matter what I did it just wouldn’t happen for me. I felt like I was trapped in a continuous circle of sh!t.

At some point a few years ago, maybe in 2017, (I’m sure Cathy has the records) I started being treated with healing plans. I’m not going to lie, it was bloody horrible.

There was a lot of generational trauma I had to work through, and as these healing plans were done I would find myself having very difficult epiphanies about the toxicity of my family relationships which would result in tears, anger, and a whole range of difficult emotions. But by the end of the first plan, I genuinely felt a shift starting to happen. I truly believe that the first plan cleared the way for me to actually start working on myself, for myself.

I remember sending Cathy a photo of my thumbnail at some point. Due to a bad internet connection, I sent it then a separate email with context. She was initially totally confused by this image until she read that my entire life I had never, ever been able to grow long nails, they would always tear well before the end of my finger. So having a long salon-length thumbnail was actually a big deal. Ever since I have had good nail growth, an obvious physical change you could see, thanks to my inner health!

There were more plans after that and my health started to improve. One of the things that came up was celiac disease, which I dismissed because I didn’t have the symptoms. However in 2019, I found out it runs in the family, me and my sisters all have it, so I stopped eating gluten and the change was amazing. My health and my appearance were transformed.

It’s important to note that when your life is a mess for whatever reason, there is no miracle cure, so after those first few healing plans I actively put in the effort for change, it was significantly easy to do the work on myself though, without the family trauma and all the rest weighing me down and clouding my mind.

It took a lot of work, physically, emotionally, and mentally to improve my life, but after the healing plans my life started to move forward. Prior to them, I’d been stuck doing circles for 7 years!

In May 2022 after having chased my dreams, moved way out west to Winton with my horses and working dogs, so close to the life I want I can taste it, Cathy and Eric did another healing plan.

I had been feeling a bit low on motivation and energy. I am happy to say though that I just returned from a month-long trip south, to compete in dog trials. I spent an entire month sleeping in my swag and not once did my usual health problems and pain occur.

This is the first time in 14 years I have been able to go away and not have any of the symptoms I have been having. 14 YEARS!

I can Not thank Cathy and Eric enough for the improvements to my life, they are even invisible “the way I feel” The change is obvious to everyone who has known me over that period of time. They have seen me step forward and climb upward towards my dreams and by golly gosh I’m almost there!


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