Personal Protection Cards for Pain and Protection

Eight months ago, I had major surgery to remove a benign tumour from my spinal cord.

On the day I was discharged from the hospital, I immediately ceased all pain medication and placed a Healing with Ease personal protection card in my clothing, and another card under my bed pillow.

I experienced no after-surgery pain and was able to proceed with living my life without ingesting any harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

My husband attended the Freedom protests in Canberra in early 2021 where the government used microwave radiation technology against its own people.

Many people were blistered and experienced radiation burns, along with liver and kidney issues. My husband carried a Healing with Ease personal protection card with him every day. He did experience some symptoms; however, they were very mild, compared to others as the card protected him.

We still carry the cards with us every day and have now placed one near our smart TV and Wi-Fi to help further protect us from the harmful effects of these products. The cards are amazing and work wonderfully.

Denise and Glenn Agnew

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