Healing Vanessa and the VIPs in Her Life

Cathy and I have an online relationship. Recently I was close to actually meeting my online hero and missed her. Legend has it that her hugs are like pure sunshine! One day I plan to find out.

I was introduced to Heal with Ease by a great friend of mine at a time in my life where I was at crossroads with my career and my health. My great friend said, “I have a suggestion for you but it might seem a little whoo whoo”.

I was immediately intrigued!

I dived straight in without any understanding of what these healing plans entailed or how they worked. I expected my healing to be instantaneous and felt let down that I wasn’t feeling better straight away.

Now, after reading all of Cathy’s weekly newsletters, I have a much better understanding of the why and how.

There are plans for a reason.

I could most definitely feel my differences after each plan.
This was never meant to be an overnight success. It takes time.

Eventually, with my spirits lifted and my own health greatly improving I wanted to help others in my life.

The two most important people being my mother and husband.

Plans for these two awesome humans were recently done and the changes are something you simply need to witness for yourself.

My mother: once a nervous stress ball is now sooo much “lighter” and happier. My brother told me that he has seen less, even close to no manic/panic episodes from her lately. Our phone conversations no longer end up in yelling matches. Years of making phone calls to mum a dreaded chore is now something I look forward to.

My husband: has a very stressful job which made him an unhappy human. Our relationship was definitely being affected with him, trapped in his own stressful world and being a victim to a corporate giant.

He took a turn for the worse during his healing plans and become someone I didn’t like. I thought “oh no! The plans aren’t working!” I was sad.

I spoke to Cathy about this. She informed me that a huge load had been shifted and most likely a deep childhood trauma had also been lifted.

He is now the person I first met and I am falling in love with him all over again.

Selfish as this sounds, MY life is better now that these two VIPs are feeling great again.

Heal With Ease not only helps you as the individual in need but is also a relationship saver too!!

V. M

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