Feeling Energised, Hopeful and Positive

Towards the end of 2020, I’d been feeling tired and unmotivated with a general sense of not being well. I wasn’t sleeping well, and my digestion was poor with cramping and bloating.

I had enquired at a local health store and was recommended a local functional doctor, but felt this was likely to be a long process with intrusive tests and ‘trying’ out medication etc.

Instead, I contacted Cathy asking for help. As a Reiki and EFT practitioner, I was open to energy therapies rather than traditional Western medicine. I also felt there was a range of health issues and I needed the diagnostic capacity of the HWE approach, as well as their treatment processes.

Even with my knowledge and skills, I wasn’t making any progress. I thought I had ‘cleared’ many of the underlying energy and emotional issues from an unhappy childhood but realised I needed a more structured and detailed diagnosis and treatment approach.

After six treatment plans, I have my energy and motivation back and am feeling positive and hopeful. I am sleeping well and my digestion is much better. I highly value the diagnostic methods they use, as direct and accurate, as well as the treatment plans delivered at a distance energetically.

What a marvellous resource and health support Cathy and Eric are.

I have recommended HWE to several friends where traditional western approaches hadn’t helped them, with significantly better results.

I have also purchased several of their essences, tonics and remedies for myself and my dogs.

S. Whitewood
Nana Glen, NSW

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