Recovery from Stonefish Venom

My 30 year old son in law stepped on a stonefish near Noosa on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago. Stonefish are the world’s most venomous fish and cause excruciating pain when their spines eject venom into you.  Dave had 6 spines penetrate and eject venom into his foot. He was in shock and terrible pain and they were a long way from the car park but luckily 2 couples stopped and helped to carry him to their car.  One of them was a naturopath and gave him some remedies, including for shock and then my daughter drove him screaming in agony to the hospital, arriving about an hour after he was stung. She wasn’t allowed in (because of Covid) and called me after dropping him off.  The hospital’s treatment was morphine and bathing the foot in hot water.  There’s an anti venom medicine but it can cause other problems so the doctors decided that he didn’t need it as his blood pressure and an ECG on his heart were ok. 

I’m in NZ and contacted Cathy not long after Sarah’s call and although she was away, she immediately arranged for an employee to treat Dave after I’d sent a photo and this started about the time he had his second morphine injection.  The doctors commented that he seemed to be coping with the stings much better than most stonefish patients and sent him home a few hours later with a prescription for panadol and nurofen.  His foot continued swelling the next day but he was able to cope without any painkillers and continued with the soaking in hot water.  He even went to work on the Monday. Cathy also started a healing plan for him on the Monday and the swelling reduced and his foot improved to the point that he was even able to go for a gentle run exactly 1 week after being stung.  He now has slight tenderness at one of the penetration points but that’s all.

His boss is amazed as he knows a woman who’s still on crutches 5 weeks after she stepped on a stonefish and I’ve read that it can take months for people to get over stonefish stings.  Stonefish stings can even kill adults in a couple of hours.

I’m so thankful to Cathy and Eric for their amazing remedies and their willingness to help even on a break away, for an emergency.  It was a fantastic result for my son-in-law!


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