Clearing Acne After Exhausting All Other Options

A couple weeks ago Michelle sent us this email about her daughter Laura’s healing for her skin, and they were kind enough to allow us to share it with you.

Hi Cathy,

My daughter Laura is so happy with her skin. She sent me a text recently about how happy she is with her skin. Thank you very much! We tried everything from diet to cleanses to vitamin supplements to creams – and nothing worked! Your healing process was amazing for her. Initially it got worse, and I was confused as to why. I now know that it is part of the cleansing process.

Laura’s text 

‘This morning we had to wake up really early so I didn’t put anything on my face and multiple people said to me “wow you have amazing skin”🥰 so nice to hear, it’s been such a long journey and I’m sooooo grateful for you for helping me’

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