Helping Family in their Time of Need

Life. It’s a struggle at times. Yes, the pressures can get overwhelming. For some, it just gets too much and they find themselves in a VERY dark place.

My brother, a little legend. We had the best upbringing, loving home, food on the table, a roof over our heads, loving parents, friends, we were healthy, loved our sports so what went wrong?

In our case….. alcohol did. The last 10-15 years has been a hell of a ride. Seeing my parent’s hearts repeatedly broken was devastating and I constantly lived in fear.

I won’t go into details but it’s been hard, very very hard seeing him go through mental health and alcoholism. It seems these days everyone’s either gone through it themselves or has experienced a loved one that is/has.

My brother would refuse to talk about any of his issues and over the last 3 years he chose to attempt to end his life “twice”. We are grateful we had HWE to support us through it with healing plans and guess what?? He is a completely different person, he’s in a happy relationship and no longer drinks. Life’s good for him now. The demons inside his head seem to have moved on. He is one of the lucky ones, sadly others aren’t so lucky. It’s not a choice for them and they need our support.

B. E Jones

Update on B’s brother.

It was through our remarkable healing plans that we were able to help B’s brother regain his life.  He hasn’t had any alcohol in the last six months and is now expecting his first baby with his beautiful girlfriend.  A wonderful alternative outcome for this kind gentle man.

In these healing plans we found B’s brother was riddled with Negative Attachments that needed clearing.  In the last few months we have also started doing Fragmented Soul Integration as part of our work.  All these things help towards releasing mental illness from our clients.

In times like these we feel helpless. This is a wonderful process for family to help their loved ones in times of trouble.

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