Post-Vaccine Support After a Terrible Reaction

My now 8-month-old son had a terrible reaction to his 12-week immunisations (fever, constant crying, problems nursing and sleeping) that lasted almost two weeks and had me extremely worried. I finally contacted Cathy after a reminder from my aunty that she specialises in post-vaccination support, thinking even if it didn’t help it sure couldn’t hurt!

I was advised that Flynn was presenting as extremely stressed and affected by his vaccinations, along with a number of other new-baby related areas for cleansing, and that he would need six plans to clear him (he was also due for one more round of vaccinations during this time). Over the course of these six plans, we have seen such a shift in our boy from a baby who cried easily and was unsettled to one who is relaxed, easily soothed, and only grizzles when hungry or tired. He also had his five-month vaccinations with zero reaction and a quick recovery thanks to Cathy’s support with a plan immediately afterwards.

The work Cathy and Eric can do to support our wee ones is vital – these vaccinations that are almost mandatory for our kids now hit their fragile systems hard – being able to call upon support like this means the world to my family and I cannot thank their family enough for the incredible work that they do every day.

Chelsea Rowlands
New Zealand

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