Why are the Youth of Today So Unwell and What Can We Do to Fix it?

This article is written from the viewpoint of healers who work with babies, children and young adults that are struggling physically, emotionally and mentally with their lives. It is not a scientific report, only my opinions and thoughts from the work we do and the trends we see.

Many people ask me why I think that children are so unwell in today’s society. We have huge incidences of autism, behavioural and learning difficulties, mental health issues are on the rise in young adults and depression is everywhere. There is a huge issue with fertility in women of childbearing age and their partners. Every other person you meet has cancer – way more than ever before. Something has gone terribly wrong and it is not confined to our young people.

Some people are quick to point fingers – it’s the food we eat, it’s the unhealthy habits we live, its lack of parenting, its vaccinations, toxins, chemicals, etc.

What I think is that it’s none of these things specifically but everything put together.

You would expect a baby to be born running very high. They are new to the world, no exposure has hit them, no major trauma has affected them. This is just not the case. Often we test newborn babies running at 50% of their potential at the time of delivery, and this is not even a difficult delivery. (Our potential is an overall picture of health – emotionally, physically, mentally and immune system) Why? Why would a new baby be loaded down in this way? It’s because of the inherited load that they get from their parents, grandparents, etc. Everything that the parents have been exposed to and inherited from their parents is now amalgamated into this new baby. Imagine the load this little person has on their body.

I know people recognise that things like cancer can be transferred genetically but did you realise that everything is transferred genetically – emotional trauma, chemical exposure, medication load, bacterias, absolutely everything.

A couple of cases in point:

A few years ago we had a little girl called Samantha come to us because she was misbehaving in school. The school was demanding that she be medicated and her parents were desperate for a solution.

We tested a healing plan for this beautiful little girl and her first remedy was DDT poisoning. DDT is banned in Australia and it would have been very unlikely that Samantha had had actual exposure to this poison.

Samantha’s plan was extensive, as most plans are. I emailed our report to her mother and awaited her feedback.

Amanda was amazed that we found DDT in Samantha’s body because Amanda’s grandmother, Samantha’s great grandmother used to work at the tick gates and would on a daily basis be covered in the chemical.

I don’t think the chemical jumped a generation. I actually think the notion completely ridiculous. This chemical would be in Amanda’s mother and in Amanda too but it was because Samantha was so unwell that she was the one that presented with the symptoms. And of course, it wasn’t just one thing that had Samantha unwell, she had a gamut of issues that needed clearing but this very toxic chemical was the highest priority for her body.

Then we have a recent case with Riley.
Riley has been working with us since August 2014 when his mum asked us to help with his extreme anxiety. As of his mum’s last email in March 2015, Riley was doing really well. His anxiety levels are low, his speech has improved and he is doing well at school.

The point I wanted to mention with Riley’s healing is that in his latest plan we found Emotional Trauma related to Abandonment. As you can imagine it’s a touchy area to share this information with a mother. Because I believe many childhood issues are inherited I broached it in that way. Could she relate to abandonment as an inherited issue? You never know where this is going to lead.

Emma came back and said that her mum was abandoned as a child and was very aloof and distant with her, resulting in Emma overcompensating with Riley and her other children.

So this abandonment issue was sitting in Riley as a cellular memory that he would never have been able to place. Clearing this will make a huge difference to his whole life.

Another case of Emotional Trauma related to abandonment came through this month too in a beautiful autistic boy called Hayden. When I asked Hayden’s mum if she could relate she had no idea but asked her mum who said that Hayden’s great, great, great grandfather was abandoned at the railway station as a baby. This is a long time for this emotional trauma to be carried by the family and it makes you wonder how many other people in the family have unnecessarily felt abandoned because of this.

The day a baby is born in Australia they are vaccinated with a Hepatitis B vaccine. Why? Damned if I know. But this vaccination will drop their potential further. Then we have exposure to bacterias within the hospital and it is a breeding ground for all sorts of bacterias. These drop the body further.

I appreciate that people are becoming more aware of the chemicals in things like cleaning products and baby wipes, etc and looking for natural alternatives. Remember that natural is used very liberally these days and doesn’t really mean much. Read your labels, know what you are bringing into your home and using on your baby. Know that if something kills – whether it is weeds or insects, it is toxic and will affect your health and your baby’s health in some way.

Babies are vaccinated at 2 months, 4 months and 6 months with a huge amount of vaccines. Way more than we would have been exposed to in our whole lives they will have by the time they are 6 months old.

If a baby is running low before we start vaccinating and each vaccination drops them further, not to mention other chemical exposures then it’s not surprising that by the time they reach their 12-month vaccination that they are running so low that the MMR vaccine, which is risky at best, tips them over.

Then there is the fact that food has very low nutrient levels. Honestly, I don’t find this as disturbing as the fact that most people can’t absorb their nutrients anyway. Exposure to herbicides like round-up reduces or stop the body’s ability to absorb any nutrients that do come into their body. This results in the person constantly looking for food to fill that nutrient gap and overeating which leads to low energy levels and weight gain. But that’s a story for another day.

So we have a child that is running low due to their inherited level at birth, a big vaccinate regime, antibiotics or other medication when they get sick because they pick up every bacteria that is going around because their immune system is low, almost malnutrition because they can’t absorb their nutrients. They fail to thrive – physically and mentally. Their bodies are so overloaded that every allergen they come into contact with tips them over the edge so they are given more medication for this – whether it be for asthma, eczema or hayfever. We have a high level of food allergies often because the food is filled with preservatives (chemicals) or grown with chemicals. It’s no wonder that their little bodies can’t cope.

It’s is a common story that parents are blamed for their children’s health because “they don’t feed them properly”. I find this blaming very disconcerting. Most parents do the best they can. If they are unwell and not coping then the children might get takeaway or toast for dinner. It is all they are capable of doing.

After our eldest son was born in 1998, I had the most debilitating Post-Natal Depression. I tried my hardest to make sure my son was fed and I was lucky I was breastfeeding otherwise he might have eaten a lot of unhealthy food too. I did what I could and coped the best I could. We live in a time of disconnection. 100 years ago we would have had family and community to help a new mum with her baby. Whether they bought meals, cleaned the house or took the baby for a few hours so mum could catch up on sleep, they were there to help where they could. We don’t do this anymore. We are all caught up in the rat race and don’t care for each other the way we should. Again this discussion is for another time.

Further to the above paragraph – we have the added stress on families that both parents need to work to pay the mortgage, just to survive in some cases and this leaves us with under parented children, which is a big problem. Emotional trauma can affect the immune system and leave it open to picking up bacterias, viruses and more.

We now live in a time where people travel the world and bring with them bacterias that our bodies have never had to deal with before, we see mass spraying of coastline for mosquitoes which evolve with incredible viruses. We have seen so many mosquito-borne viruses over the years, it’s amazing.

We have overloaded children that fail to grow physically and mentally. Some are so severely overloaded by 12 months that they have extreme reactions to their 12-month vaccinations. This is why we see so many autistic children after the 12-month vaccination.

When the pharmaceutical companies say their vaccinations don’t cause autism they are correct. If this was the case every vaccinated child would have it. What it does do is tip the extremely overloaded children too far. In this way, we consider it a catalyst rather than a cause.

Most children will have some degree of issue after the 12-month vaccination – behavioural issues, learning difficulties, failure to grow properly. Some issues will be subtle and not really present until later, while others will be almost immediate.


We work with struggling parents and children every day. We see some trends but because everyone’s background is different the healing has to be individualised to each person.

Our work is about lifting the load from the body – both inherited and accumulated. Then we work on stimulating the body to start functioning properly again.

We do our work through the combination of muscle testing and energy remedies. The muscle testing gives us a clear picture of the ‘load’ whether it be inherited or accumulated and includes things like emotional trauma, bacterias, viruses, toxins, chemicals, etc. We test through an extensive list, which at the time of writing this article was approx. 15,000 different things. Then we make the equivalent energy remedy to release or heal, as necessary.

The plans work back through the layers – sort of. I’ve heard work like ours described as clearing the layers back like an onion but that’s not really accurate. If we need to clear an inherited issue like Samantha’s DDT poisoning, then we aren’t taking that from the top layer. If Samantha’s healing was an onion then we would be pulling this bit from the centre, wouldn’t we? We clear the highest priority each time and it might be some current bacteria and then an inherited issue and then clearing a blockage that is current and then an old issue from birth. Whatever is the highest priority at the time of testing we will find it.

Then next time we test we’ll find any new ‘high priority issues’ and continue working back through the load. There is no point in working backwards if right now you are feeling terrible due to a bacteria or a virus.

In this way, we have helped couples have strong healthy babies because we can clear their load either before conception or the baby’s load while in utero. When the baby is born, it is usually an easy labour and the baby is strong and ready to bounce through their life.

As much as we recommend researching vaccinations before jumping in, some couples like to go by what society governs and vaccinate regardless. We also have the new no jab, no pay issue which will stop a lot of parents from going with their instinct on the subject of vaccination. Children who are strong and well will cope with vaccinations without major setbacks. Parents ask us to do a plan leading up to the vaccination to ensure optimum health before the jab and then immediately afterwards to clear any major issue caused by the vaccination. Please note that in this situation the vaccination is still viable just the toxins and side effects cleared.

I can tell you that what we see in the body after vaccination is very disturbing. Commonly we will see disturbances to the blood and the brain function.

It is a big job to bring a child to a good state of health after vaccinations but it can be done in most instances. To date, the autistic children we have worked with are coping better with life but not functioning fully. We are still working on this and pray that one day the answer to restoring full health to these children and young adults will come.

In conclusion, I don’t think it’s fair to throw stones at parents who are doing their best, often when they aren’t coping well themselves. It’s not just one thing that is causing the health issues we are seeing in children today, but a heavy inherited load brought into a very toxic world.

If we don’t start to reverse this we will end up with worse in the next generation.

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