Test Results

In a quiet moment just now (kids are in town at drama class) Eric and I were discussing test results – blood, organ function, etc. This came up because we are working with a 15 year old dog in America who has recently had some tests done and it showed that she had impaired liver and kidney functions.
I think at 15 we would expect anyway that things are not functioning super well but she is happy and eating well and so doing okay.
The thing with the tests done during the running of the healing plans is that they will be inaccurate. Depending on the remedies given around the time of testing the liver and kidneys, the bloods, insulin levels and more could be out of balance because we are working to clear and heal internal issues.
A good time for medical tests would be at the end of the indicated plans and probably a month after the last one when things have settled into balance.
Just thought I’d mention this as I think it’s very interesting.