Natural Healing for Skin and Bloat Issues

Bianca’s testimonial on how the healing plans helped with her skin and bloating issues.

I was first introduced to Cathy at Heal with Ease over 3 years ago when I was having issues with cystic pimples on my jaw. This came after years of having trouble with my skin and trying everything possible to clear it up. Little did I know that the basis of why my skin was so unsettled was due to internal imbalances which needed to be sorted out before anything used externally would be successful!

There was nothing more I wanted then to have clear skin and so I emailed Cathy to find out more and get a healing plan done. I couldn’t believe it when she sent me through my first plan that told me I was running at only 50% of my potential with about 7 plans needed to bring my back to good health considering I was only 16.

Now having completed the 7 original plans, as well as any others that need be to keep my health up, I am so grateful that I come across Heal with Ease and couldn’t recommend them more. My skin has life again which I never felt would happen, and the clearing of many different bacteria has been a lifesaver for my bloating issues. I feel I now know my body more than ever before and it’s so important to listen to it. Whenever it starts to feel run down or my bloating starts to flare up again I know its time to get in contact and clear out anything that has started to build up from day to day living and exposure.

Thank you Cathy and everyone at Heal with Ease for all your help. Everything you have helped me with doesn’t stop there and I would never hesitate to turn to you for my pets and recommending you to others!

Bianca J, NSW

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