Natural Healing for a young mum and her family

I started using Heal with Ease remedies and healing plans 4.5 years ago, not long after the birth of my 4th child. I was feeling run down, mentally, emotional and physically. I was told by family members, ”you just have to expect that with having 4 kids now.” But knew that wasn’t correct!

After just one healing plan, I started to feel fantastic and in no time, I was back to my old self!

Eric and Cathy have completed distance healing plans on our 4 children, and the difference we have noticed with their health, confidence, behaviour and even the colouring in their face is quite unbelievable.

I also have the Heal with Ease remedies on hand at all times, and find them very easy to use. If I am ever in doubt about which one to use or the dosage I ask Eric or Cathy. They have always been very supportive and very approachable, nothing is ever a hassle.

I recently contact Cathy to start a distance healing plan on me after what I thought was just hayfever, but got worse and just kept lingering. I felt so congested, the pressure from my neck to the top of my head was terrible. I was so tired, all I wanted to do was sleep and that went on for nearly a week. After it not showing any signs of improving, I contacted Cathy and within no time I had started to improve.

Thank you very much Eric, Cathy and the Heal with Ease Team.

Parker, NSW  xo