My Heal with Ease Visit

HWE came into my life early 2018 and has been a life changer for myself, family and pets ever since.
I recently had the opportunity to set off on a road trip from Adelaide to Inverell and stay with Cathy and Eric and see what they do.
Throughout the 8 days, I was lucky enough to witness the process from start to finish with my own eyes and …..WOW!!!
The time, dedication, energy, passion, love and skills that goes into each individual plan, treatment and reporting is just mind blowing. But it doesn’t stop there, they are continuously researching new things to add to their testing and providing exceptional support to clients in the meantime.
I have a new found appreciation for whats actually involved and even got to see some of their amazing online remedies being prepared for shipment to clients.
Cathy & Eric are two of the most incredible and inspiring humans I have ever met… I am forever grateful for not only this experience but for all the wonderful work they do to keep us well and healthy.
Thank you for sharing your world with me!!!! ❤
Steph Guyonnet, SA, Australia

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