Inherited Health Issues

We’ve been testing and running healing plans for clients since 2009 and with every passing week we find more to add that changes the look and efficiency of the healing plans.

Sometimes we add things like flower essences and new homeopathic remedies that don’t really make that much difference and only come up for clients occasionally.

At other times we’ve added things i.e. when we added the vaccine adjuvants and everything changed.

It is in the times when we are not busy or have time to stop and reflect on things that we get inspired to look for MORE.  During our recent road trip holiday it occurred to us that we should be looking deeper into inherited issues.  Not just for people but for dogs, horses, all animals really.  So after the craziness that ensured when we first returned home, Eric took some time to research inherited issues and consequently added pages of inherited issues to our testing.

These are like a missing piece of the puzzle for our healing plans.  We improve the health of our clients always with the plans, for most there is no where else to go but up.  There is sometimes when we just know that the person/animal is not quite right but have been unable to put our finger on what it might be or even where to start looking for answers.

The inherited issues are resolving so many of these cases.  And it’s …. enlightening and exciting.

Right now our testing is more involved and more accurate than it ever has been before and for us that is wonderful.  Our goal is to restore health to each and everyone of our clients and now I feel confident that we are in a very good place to do that.

I love our work.  We are very blessed to be able to help not only ourselves and our animals, but so many other people, animals and properties.

Being a beach girl from North Stradbroke Island in Qld, the water brings me peace so today I’d like to share a photo of Stradbroke Island with you.

Love and blessings Cathy

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