How I Poisoned Myself

I’m sharing this experience that I had recently and am still recovering from, even though I am horrified that I let it happen, in the hope that it may ring a bell for someone and help them understand, recover or avoid a similar situation.

As you read this post you might find yourself shaking your head at me.  Let me assure you that you couldn’t possibly shake your head more than I did and have since.

I am pedantic when it comes to chemicals – we don’t drink out of plastic containers or put hot food into plastic containers, we don’t spray weeds or bugs or use chemicals to clean.  Most people I meet think I’m crazy when it comes to chemicals.  But I work everyday with people who are sick and struggling with life because of their chemical exposure.

So how did I poison myself?

So about 9 weeks ago I was at my hairdresser and he suggested using this Argan oil product to protect my curls.  I didn’t even question the man who uses ‘chemicals for a living’ and purchased the Argan oil.  As I left he said, “you can use it on your skin too.”

I tried the product on my hair and found it not to my liking but that meant I had a $50 bottle of product I wasn’t going to use.  I’ll try it on my skin because the man who uses ‘chemicals for a living’ said it was good on the skin.  Not sounding too good at this point is it?

Anyway about 5 weeks ago I started getting tooth pain.  I thought I might have to have a trip to the dentist but the pain was moving around my teeth – changing sides, changing teeth.  That didn’t fit with a tooth cavity.  Then the pain started radiating up my jaw to my ear and down to my neck glands.  It was debilitating.  I was hitting the pain medication and we were fast tracking healing plans and I couldn’t eat and spent days in bed resting.

I would feel better for a short while and then have to sleep, hopped up on my meds.

After 4 weeks of this situation progessively getting worse, I was wondering when and if I was ever going to recover.

Then Sunday last week, that would be the 6th December, I woke up feeling really bad, after a terrible night sleep.  Eric said something about how soft my skin was and I said, “oh that’s this beautiful Argan oil I’ve been using.”  Immediately the penny dropped for Eric.  So how long had I been using this ‘beautiful’ product?  Had I checked the ingredients?  Hmmm.  Could it be something this simple causing my terrible pain and ill-health?

I immediately researched this specific product and the Argan Oil was the 4th ingredient with these delightful chemicals as lead ingredients – cyclopentasiloxane, dimethiconol, phenyl trimethicone.  I was horrified.  We made a remedy from the product and I had that several times throughout the day.  8 days later we are still working on the recovery from the damage it caused.  For the most part I now have no pain but as I get tired around 4-5 pm my jaw starts to hurt and I am very sensitive to eating hot or cold foods.

Today I finally felt strong enough to have my masseuse massage my neck and face.  She found lumps of toxins in my glands and gently released them for me.

I feel fragile and stupid right now.  I really do know better but I think in the rush of life we forget the ground rules we set for ourselves.

As my 17 year old son (who is a Harry Potter fan) says – ‘Constant vigilance”. 

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