Helping Lincoln with his Autism

My son has a double diagnosis, Autism spectrum disorder and Intellectual disorder and has been medicated 7 of the 9 years that he has been born into this world. He cannot cope in school and lashes out at other children and has meltdowns on a regular basis.

I needed to find an alternative method as medication was not helping. Cathy from Health with Ease came highly recommended from a family member to help with a more natural approach.

I am amazed that over the last few months of healing plans that Cathy has performed my son is now no longer on medication and has not been for the last 4 months. In the last 2 months his meltdowns have subsided and his anxiety levels have dropped. A huge thank you to Cathy and her team as I am now seeing the benefits that healing plans can do.

Kind regards
Sandie Tanner