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This testimonial comes from my dear friend Valma who lives on the Gold Coast in Qld. Over the 8 years I’ve known her it has been my great pleasure to help her with her family’s health. Here is what Valma has written to share with you.

I want to write and let you know the amazing work Eric & Cathy have done for our family. When my daughter was a young teen she became very sick and doctors just kept pumping her full of antibiotics to help, but nothing helped at all. She had cold sores right through her system and had to stop what was leading to a career in swimming because of ill health and other issues with her body. Then one day she developed a huge cyst under her arm. Again the doctors gave her more antibiotics. It became much worse very swiftly, we were desperate.

I was very skeptical of Cathy’s work but I asked her for help. We were watching our daughter fade before our eyes. Cathy picked up that Steph had at some time had glandular fever and as a side effect was left with chronic fatigue. This explained everything. Cathy immediately treated her for the cyst, which was gone within a week. Over the next 12 months Cathy ran a few healing plans for Steph and the improvement was amazing. About 18 months after the treatment the cyst came back. This time we contacted Cathy immediately and had it gone again within a week and this time it did not come back.

Come time for her graduation, she was sick again. Her immune system needed a huge boost. Cathy again did some plans on her and this time the improvement was dramatic. She is now completing uni and getting married next year. I doubt very much if she would have survived any of this, had it not been for Cathy.

Now for my son, Declan. After his immunizations he went from a beautiful, calm child to one who was violent and very hyper. I had him at psychologists, pediatricians and a had a host tests. One result showed borderline juvenile diabetes. This freaked me totally. I asked Cathy to help but did not tell her what the doctors had said, although she had witnessed his behaviour. Her testing also showed the diabetes, which shocked me more because I hoped the doctor had it wrong. Over the last few years, thanks to Cathy he is now an awesome preteen with very few health or emotional issues.

Cathy has also helped me after an operation and recover from a couple of hugely stressful situations.

She also is helping my other adult daughter and maybe her biggest one yet in my family, my husband has Parkinson’s Disease and Cathy is currently running healing plans on him in the hope of a major breakthrough.

Cathy and her beautiful family have been a wonderful encouragement to my family. We will all be forever grateful.

Valma C., Gold Coast, Qld.

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