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Justine’s Testimonial

When I first approached Eric and Cathy about a healing plan it was to clear up some dermatitis that I had had on and off since I was a child. The healing plans were very insightful and accurate. The dermatitis cleared up very quickly.

Shortly afterwards, I was told by doctors that it was very unlikely I would be able to have children and if it was possible, it would be through IVF using donor eggs. After getting my head around what was devastating news to me, I approached Eric and Cathy again.

A few healing plans later I had conceived naturally. I felt fabulous all through my pregnancy, despite the dire predictions that had a one in three chance of having a baby with downs syndrome. Eric and Cathy continued to do the healing plans throughout my pregnancy and even provided some remedies to assist with the birth and post partum period. The breeders kit remedies meant that I had a speedy recovery from a natural delivery and that when my milk supply ran low or mastitis threatened I had remedies on hand that resolved things quickly and easily without negatively impacting my baby.

When teething time came, the teething remedy was a huge hit. We used the remedies for any ailments, and she hasn’t needed to take any medications not even a Panadol. My daughter is now over 12 months old and a happy and very healthy toddler.

We are very grateful to Eric and Cathy for their help and support in helping us to have our beautiful daughter.

Justine M, Beaudesert, Qld.

An update on this story for Justine. In August 2015 she gave birth to another beautiful little girl Charlotte. Apart from a few healing plans Justine did nothing else to help with her conception. Her pregnancy was normal and she had a beautiful, healthy little girl.

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