David’s Journey

As a Healer it is a great gift to be able to help someone regain their health. When the person you are helping is a family member, it’s even more special. David is my cousin’s son and as many of our family don’t really believe in what we do, I felt privileged to be able to help David get on track to gain his full potential in life. Below is David’s mums account of the healing work we did with David.

David’s Journey

Our eldest son is clever and inquisitive, he can show kindness and empathy, he is doing well at school, has friends and he enjoys learning to play the violin. But David hasn’t always been like that in fact 2yrs ago we almost caved to pressure and put him on a course of Ritalin. We are very glad we never took that path and instead 12 months later began a series of healing plans with Cathy and Heal with Ease that changed our families’ lives.

David started the terrible 2’s at 18mths and it quickly became obvious that he was a bit extreme but we were assured it was normal. Over the following years we put David through the failsafe diet, we took 3 parenting courses, tried fish oil tablets and magnesium supplements, consulted an occupational therapist and tried many tips and techniques handed to me by many well-meaning people. Some things were very helpful like the failsafe diet which changed a 2-3hr bedtime battle into an almost instant bedtime and learning that David had sensory issues while others only seemed to help a little like the fish oil. Shopping was a nightmare with tantrums and running away, mothers groups ended in tears and at one stage parenting abilities were questioned by someone thought to be a close friend. When David started school things just escalated. He put himself and others in danger, was sent home on suspensions and we often had to pick him up from school early as the teachers couldn’t handle him. Some days we gave up and let him do whatever which usually meant peace and quiet but often meant something being destroyed. His younger brother bore the brunt of many home tantrums. We were told he was too clever for his own good by his teacher but told he was below average by a guidance counsellor who gave him an IQ test.

Things came to a head at school with demands that I take him to see a paediatrician for a diagnosis-they suspected mild Asperger’s. After a 5min consultation we were given a list of drugs to decide from and a diagnosis of ADHD. This didn’t sit well with our family. We were determined we would try everything before we decided to drug our son.

That year our family began a journey to change our lives for the better. We moved to acreage and began to build our first house. We hoped that a less stressful lifestyle would help David. The boys started at a new school 2 weeks before the years end but within 3 days we were asked to keep David home for the rest of the year, the move hadn’t helped and we once again felt the school didn’t want to deal with our son. This was when Cathy offered her services. During the school holidays we began his first healing plan. The difference was amazing. We had a happy child, a child that wanted to go to school and son that didn’t need to be picked up due to misbehaviour. This year we have stood proudly at parade while our son gets awards for behaviour, watched him learn to play the violin so well that he is ahead of the other kids in his class and delighted as we see him make friends and play with his peers. He is not perfect, he is David and it is so good to finally meet him.

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