Natural Treatment for Anxiety in a Little Boy

This testimonial comes from Emma P., at Prosperine in Queensland, Australia.

I cannot thank Cathy enough!!! Before I found Cathy I had a highly anxious, unable to concentrate 5yr old little boy. His anxiousness was causing him to go to the toilet constantly, wake most nights in a panic and even worse chew the skin of his fingers till they bled. We took him to pediatrician which gave us one solution MEDICATION……. that was it there was no way I was doing that to my baby, so after talking to another local lady whom was also using “Heal with Ease” I thought what can I loose, its natural………

So I contacted Cathy straight away, Riley was running at 51% of his potential and as Cathy said he was basically dragging himself through the day so we started with the first plan (with 6 recommended) a little sceptical at first BUT OMG within the first few weeks the toilet trips got less and less the tantrums where nowhere as bad and the number one thing he wasn’t self harming his poor little fingers.

By plan 2 he seemed to be concentrating better at school his speech was becoming more understandable and teachers were commenting on his behaviour in a good way instead of a bad way. Riley is now six and in grade 1, because of how he was prior to starting this plan with Cathy at “heal with Ease”, Riley is still a little behind the 8 ball with his learning (reading in particular due to his speech) but he is a different kid now days I really do thank Cathy for being so wonderful.

To other mums if you are reading this and thinking oh gosh that sounds like my little person don’t hesitate to try the results speak for themselves and as Cathy say’s LOVE & BLESSINGS to you all xo

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