Mia’s Cancer Journey with Healing

This lovely testimonial comes from Mia, NSW, Australia.  Mia’s doctor asked her at her last visit what she did to release the tumour and restore her health.  They are making time so she can share her full story with her doctor.  🙂

So many times we’re given a diagnosis of some kind and accept it with the excuse “it’s beyond our control”.  We get caught up in the roller coaster of being poked, prodded, scanned, operated on, thrown into treatments of Chemo or Radiation therapy, medication for nerve pain, joint pain, antidepressants, blood pressure tablets, asthma preventatives, inhalers, antibiotics, etc, etc and whilst on this journey seem to not only loose our physical abilities but also our emotional and mental abilities.

This happened to me, not once, but many times over with repeated diagnosis of debilitating diseases such as cancerous tumours throughout my body, some operable, others not.  The most recent one being on my spinal cord and when removed was told “we got most of it, but because of its placement were unable to get it all” and that there was a possibility it could grow back, that was six years ago.

In that six year period, my body began to shut down and I had difficulty in walking, not only due to the tumor pressing on the nerve, but also osteoarthritis throughout my body, muscle wastage, weight gain due to medications, extreme nerve pain, diverticular disease, high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, asthma and chronic depression.

I was again this year told the tumour on my spinal cord had grown back, my illnesses all compounded and my mental ability to cope plummeted with suicidal intentions as my chronic depression took hold, thinking again “it’s beyond my control”.

When I had reached my lowest point, a very dear friend of mine introduced me to Heal with Ease healing techniques and it has literally saved my life.

After my first consultation and my first plan started, healing began with notable changes both physically and emotionally.  I am pleased to say, I NO LONGER take ANY medication, my latest blood results have all come back normal, my latest scan showed no sign of any tumour, I no longer need any asthma preventative, my blood pressure is the lowest it has been in years and no longer have the need for an operation to remove the diseased part of my bowel due to the diverticular disease.

I’m the happiest I’ve been in years, I can actually move!  The weight is coming off and am now able to work on building up my muscles so I can finally walk unassisted once again.

My mind now remembers that “We do have control!”  Thank you Heal with Ease for giving me back my life and look forward to a future with a healthy body (disease free!), healthy mind and healthy living.

Mia, NSW

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