I Love Energy Remedies

  •  Monday, 5 December 2016

I love energy remedies.

I have used them to help my family and our animals for nearly 20 years and I know they work beautifully, quickly, efficiently and have saved me many hours of waiting around doctors surgeries, emergency rooms. I will be forever grateful to my Aunt who introduced us to energy remedies all those years ago.

In the last week we’ve had our 3 year old bull Berry sick with 3 day sickness. We gave him some basic remedies and ran a healing plan and within 36 hours he was up fighting our milking cow for her hay.

On a trip to Brisbane last weekend Hannah (our 15 year old daughter) became sick with a stomach bug. It filled me with terror the thought of a normally 6 hour drive turning into an all dayer if we had to stop every 10 minutes looking for a bathroom. I was seriously thinking about finding a motel and laying low.

As soon as the symptoms came upon her we were out with the Poison remedy from the Beginners Kit which settled her very quickly. We had all our testing equipment with us and a remedy maker so while I was helping Hannah, Eric tested what bacteria/s she had picked up and we cleared those from her too. They were Clostridium bacterias so she effectively had food poisoning.

We dared to pop her in the car and had a short drive to our next stop and she had settled by then.

An hour sleeping on my shoulder and Hannah was bouncing around again. What a relief.
We carry basic remedies with us everywhere. Each of our vehicles has a full set of kits in it. Although I’m constantly in trouble for leaving remedies with friends and leaving the car kits not complete.

It’s not the first time the Poison remedy has been a saviour in a bottle. On a trip from Canungra to the Gold Coast – quite a few years ago now, Hannah started vomiting. I stopped, cleaned her up and gave her the poison remedy. When we reach the Gold Coast she was fine and looking for food.

I’m excited that we get to share these remedies with our clients and help them through difficult situations.

Order your Beginners Kit today to have on hand at home and when travelling.

Or order the Poison remedy on it’s own to help with vomiting, diarrhoea and food poisoning before it gets out of control.

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