Hope at Last, for Feeling Strong and Well

  • Monday, 31 July 2017

This testimonial was kindly sent by Linda Shewan after we completed her initial run of healing plans.

“For many years I lost hope that I could heal, could live a normal life. I was intensely fatigued, achy and sore with brain fog, terrible memory, inability to sleep, lack of focus and so much more.

During my first plan I had a significant breakthrough allowing me to breathe deeply for the first time I can remember. I didn’t even know I couldn’t breathe until I experienced it. Further plans had ongoing, subtle improvements that culminated in a vastly improved state of health.

I can now do physical work for a few hours a day without taking 3 days to recover. I have a job and am living almost a normal life. I still can’t party and I do get more tired than most people, but I have hope, and most of the time life is great.

Massive gratitude to Cathy and Eric.”