Healing from Snake Poisoning

In June 2016 I received the following email from John about his health issues.

“Hi Cathy   My name is John … About 14 years ago I was  seriously bitten by a eastern brown snake and was lucky to survive I received 7 units of anti venom.  I then suffered serum sickness. About 5 years ago I developed severe pain in the muscle just to the side of my shoulder blade in an attempt to get relief I had deep tissue massage as a result of that I  developed  terrible pain in hands like someone trying to pull off your fingernails and very similar to serum sickness. I was sick for about 4 months.

About 3 months ago I developed  the same pain near my shoulder blade and used a plastic bottle full of water on a concrete floor to get some relief, the same symptoms as I had 5 years ago have returned but this time I think they are worse I have great difficulty walking.

Hope you can help me . Regards John”

So we got straight onto a healing plan for John.

John progress from here was steady.  Every time we lifted a bit and he felt a bit better he would do some heavy work on the farm or for his biodynamic coop and set himself backwards a little.  By September he was feeling really good and had started to cut down on his steroids.

He sent this on 22 September 2016

“Good Morning   Cathy, I am feeling on top of the world at the moment …  My health is good and I have started cutting down on the steroids.”

On 11th October 2016

“Hi Cathy  Hope you and your family are well.  Boy is it great to feel like doing things jumping up and down off trucks etc.  Cheers John.”

Can’t keep a good man down.  🙂

John’s emails up until December were all like this and we haven’t heard from him since.  He ran all his indicated plans, regained his health and could get on with his life.  Clearing his load, including the antivenom from the snake bite allowed his body to heal and return to proper function.

John shared our work with his biodynamic group in Atherton, Northern Qld and now we work with most of the people in this group.

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