Distance Healing Plan Results

Thank you Jolene for taking the time to write the following two testimonials for us.

“I’d like to thank Heal with Ease for their amazing work and help they’ve provided me over the past few months.

I had always been a positive and happy person however a combination of events after uni, with family, friends and HBC (Hormonal Birth Control), had made me no longer feel like myself.

I was getting annoyed at little things out of my control and would often stay angry for the whole day. Despite knowing it wasn’t a big deal I couldn’t seem to let go. I was also becoming anxious and would often get upset very easily. It was these changes that encouraged me to reach out to Heal with Ease.

I really wanted to be ME again and I could tell my moods were having an impact on my relationships. I came off HBC and started my healing plans in December 2016. Within weeks I felt such a weight lift. I was happier and also able to brush off the issues that would have triggered my anger just weeks earlier. I continued with several follow up plans and continued to improve. I have had more energy to get me through the day and am thinking more clearly. I’m also enjoying being back to my level headed and relaxed ways and laugh when things go pear shaped.

My partner has seen a real difference in the way I have changed since my healing plans started with Cathy and the team at Heal with Ease. I highly recommend reaching out to them if you are experiencing some challenging times either mentally or physically.

Heal with Ease have made such a positive impact on my health and wellbeing. Thank you so much!!”

And on her partners healing:

“I asked Cathy and the team at Heal with Ease for help with my partner after he had drastically lost his enthusiasm and energy over the past year. By the time work finished for the day he was exhausted and would struggle getting out of bed every morning. It was common for him to have 2-3 energy drinks a day just to get through.

As he progressed through the healing plans I noticed a positive shift in his mood and his energy increased. He’s been able to ditch the energy drinks and also quit smoking prior to starting Heal with Ease and has managed to stay off the cigarettes for the past 4 months!”

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