A Quick Recovery for a 12 Month Old after Vaccination Reaction

Last week we had a classic example of the benefits of having run the original lot of healing plans. When someone first contacts for help with their health and we test their first healing plan, we can see what % they are running at – this % is an overall figure and shows us how the person (or animal) is running physically, emotionally and mentally. This % is tested at the start of each new healing plan and is a good indicator of how the person is progressing. Also at the first plan testing we ask how many plans are indicated right now to bring this person back to good health. That number is in the moment. If the person had no more exposure to anything during the running of those plans they would be bouncing off the walls by the time we had sorted all the issues that come up for them during the running of those plans.

But of course that’s not feasible. We have to keep living and every day means more exposure to – bacterias, viruses, toxins, chemicals and of course emotion upsets and mental stress. That’s life.

As you run the plans you find you start to cope better with the new stress because:

1) you aren’t as overloaded so the new stress/load isn’t a tipping point,
2) your organs are functioning better because they aren’t as under load,
3) you body is able to rationally access the load and cope with management of it.

Last week we had an urgent email from one of our clients because her grandson had just had his MMR vaccination and was now in critical condition in hospital. This little guy has had a very rough start to life with being born premmie and having 3 holes in his heart.

Over the first 6 months of his life we did a lot of healing. A lot of clearing of inherited issues and then clearing the load he picked up with his extended stays in hospital and the trauma from his surgeries.

Because his core level of health was strong and it was just the new load from his vaccinations that had rocked him it was a very quick and easy process for us to clear this new load and have him back on track. He was released from hospital yesterday, bubbly and full of energy like nothing had happened. I’m sure his doctors were a little surprised.

I guess the point of my post, apart from sharing this little guy’s wonderful recovery is that you don’t have to be unwell to have healing plans. If you are interested in being proactive with your health and that of your family (including your animals), run the plans, get the inherited and accumulated load cleared off and then it’s full steam ahead. Most people will need between 5-7 plans initially depending on their current state of health and then it’s just a maintenance plan once every 5-6 months to keep the load under control. A very easy way to gain/regain and maintain your health.

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