Help for 2 Year Old Kiean

  Monday, 2 January 2017

Kiean’s mum Brigid sent me this lovely testimonial after we finished her son’s run of healing plans.
“Cathy has been amazing through the plans we have conducted for both my children and myself.
Our biggest issues were with my 2yr old son, who had always expressed a lot of anger and frustration from birth. He was generally happy but had trouble emotionally dealing with and adapting to situations that didn’t go his way from as young as 8 months old.
He would hit his head against walls as an infant, throw things and scream with frustration. As he got older and was able to understand and comprehend better he was not able to listen and process well because he was too busy getting angry and progressing to being quite aggressive to his sister.
It was very concerning for me and my anxiety set in as I never quite knew how he might react to things at any given time.
We sought the advice of Cathy and Eric who offered such a comprehensive and easy treatment plan. We have always used and believed in homeopathic treatment but even for us it took a little getting used to the idea of having to do nothing while treatment was applied from afar. We trusted Cathy and within the first few weeks we realised our little man was flushing out toxins and his mood immediately shifted.
Over the course of the treatment he became so much happier; more content, slept better and became much more predictable in his behaviour.
It wasn’t until the very end that we really saw what a gentle and loving little man he is and felt better equipped to deal with him.
I truly can’t rate Cathy’s work highly enough and am so grateful we have the peace of mind knowing our health has been cared for and we can move forward confidently in continuing to provide the best at home health care possible.”
Thank you so much Brigid for your faith in our work and sharing the results of Kiean’s healing with others.  Love and blessings Cathy

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