Pregnancy and Delivery Help for a Young Mum

Lisa Mora shares her experiences with Heal with Ease when her daughter was pregnant and went through delivery.

I met Cathy and her lovely family many years ago on a homeschoolers outing.

I was always interested in natural therapies and was fascinated and a little skeptical ( mostly from not understanding ) in what Cathy does. We lost touch for a while when I moved overseas, but when my eldest daughter fell pregnant and suffered severe and prolonged morning sickness along with anxiety and panic attacks I thought of Cathy and contacted her to see if she could help.

My daughter was not well enough to continue working and was mostly bedridden. Cathy and her amazing team have been there all the way with healing plans for my daughter to help her through her pregnancy to full term. We are so blessed to have a beautiful healthy granddaughter who was born after an induction at 11 days past the due date.

Cathy and her team were on call for us throughout the induction process and the birth. I don’t know where we would be without them. My daughter had a postpartum haemorrhage which scared us for a moment but we were reassured knowing Cathy was straight on the job running healing plans to help and stop the bleeding. Even the doctor was surprised with how well my daughter is doing considering the amount of blood she lost.

We are so grateful that Heal with Ease offer their existing clients a complimentary post birth mother and baby healing plan which I believe has really helped my daughter and her baby thrive through those early days. They are doing so well.

Although all of my children are vaccinated I am fearful for my granddaughters ongoing well being with the amount of vaccines which are now on the schedule. There was nowhere near that amount when my kids were young. I am also disappointed and more than a little frustrated that parents do not have a right to choose or consider their bio-individuality and family health history before being forced to jab babies with a ridiculous amount of vaccines containing high levels of known neurotoxins. I am not anti or pro-vaccine but I do believe that people should take responsibility for their own well being and that of their children. In saying that I respect my daughter’s decision to vaccinate her baby to the schedule.

Thank goodness Heal with Ease can measure the toxic load these vaccines create for my granddaughter and can go to work to minimise the damage and prepare her for the next onslaught. There are neurological and developmental issues in my family already and it’s important to me that we consider not adding to my grandbabies inherited toxic load.

Thank goodness we have Heal with Ease on the job to help with that! I can’t thank you enough!

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