Improving Family Health with Healing Plans

Heather Aubin sent us this lovely testimonial about the help Distance Healing Plans have been to her family.  Heather lives in North Carolina, United States.  Yes distance healing works anywhere in the world. 🙂

“I am so grateful to have met Cathy in a natural remedy Facebook group about 8 months ago. 

At that time I was searching far and wide to discover the underlying issues causing major tooth decay in both of our young children. They had both undergone surgery to remove and fill teeth at ages 7 and 3. It was an awful experience. They both had obvious dental issues before even beginning solid foods. 

With my daughter, now 8, she had holes in two if her teeth within the first week of coming in. We are a natural family. Our kids were home-birthed, non-vaccinated, and eat well. The teeth decay didn’t make any sense. 

In this Facebook discussion group, Cathy mentioned a root cause of dental problems she was seeing in children. It’s a disease passed down through the family, that shows up at the cellular level. I have poor teeth and both my parents do as well. I was clear it was genetic, but until Cathy, no one could give me any answers. 

Our two children and I started working with Cathy right away. I had been injured in a sick, mouldy building and had debilitating asthma that was continuing to surface from time to time. 

My son was burdened with a fierce stuffy nose, that caused lots of sleepless nights and reoccurring stomach aches. 

Our daughter had been hit hard with Lymes disease at 18 months and needed gut healing from all the antibiotics. She’s a pretty immunocompromised child and highly reactive to chemicals. I suspected too that she was suffering from a parasite. 

We all needed support with our teeth plus many other health issues. Over the years of trying to heal and strengthen my kids immune systems I’ve spent so much money on so many things, only to get discouraged. I couldn’t keep up with the dosages, the cost, the resistance from the kids. I stopped everything out of frustration and just hoped to find answers. I prayed to be supported and not feel so alone in this. 

Then I met Cathy. I couldn’t believe when I talked with her for the first time and she shared that she would do all of the testing and all of the treatments distantly. This was the support I needed so badly. Receiving our first reports and seeing all of the things that I intuitively knew was going on, was amazing. But even more amazing, I knew they would then be treated and cleared from our bodies, right down to the cellular level. Phew! 

I showed up with lots of respiratory illnesses which made lots of sense for me. We continued with our plans and we all had greatly improved health. Our last plan was probably 6 months ago, until a couple if weeks ago. 

Our family was headed on a road trip and along the way we stopped at a restaurant for dinner. We had been driving for 7 hours at this point and all was well until we stepped back into our car after dinner. My husband couldn’t stop coughing and my chest was getting tighter and tighter. The kids seemed to not be affected, but we were both clearly suffering from asthma and so fast, and so out if the blue. Thankfully my husband keeps an inhaler in the car because we both really needed instant treatment. That one treatment was in and out if my system fast. I suffered for the next day and then reached out to Cathy knowing that she could get out of our systems whatever entered at that restaurant. 

I suspected a cleaner just used on the table, or maybe they cleaned the rugs that day, or maybe they had sprayed some round up in the gardens earlier that day. I didn’t detect any smells though. Cathy did my test the next day and found chemtrails in my system. 

Surprisingly that was the first time they showed up in my system. I cannot believe how quickly it caused problems for us. 

After Cathy started my treatment, I was feeling better within a couple of days and my breathing was completely clear within ten days. 

We will continue to have Cathy run plans for us a couple times a year to proactively stay on top of things and whenever an isolated incident arises again, we won’t hesitate to reach out right away! 

Thank you for this work you do!! My family is truly grateful!”

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