How your Vibration affects your health

We have been working with energy in varying forms for over 20 years, navigating our way through, by learning different modalities as they appear in our awareness.  Sometimes we go searching because we have felt we needed more knowledge or the right people have come into our life to teach us or show us another/different step. 

This has kept our life interesting and constantly evolving.  It has led us to where we are – helping people, animals and properties all over the world. We feel honoured and blessed to help so many people. 

Working with so many people and animals has pushed us to keep our knowledge and skills evolving. They have shown us trends and issues that have forced us to continue to question everything.

There has always been the issue that, although we can run a healing plan to heal a client, we cannot control what happens at their end.  

Living in the toxic world of today, we cannot control everything that we are exposed to – what chemicals are used around us, what chemicals are in our food and water, EMF exposure, what negative energies fill our environment, what unseen influences come upon us and disrupt our health on every level.  

During the running of healing plans, as people lift in their vibration and potential, they are able to make better decisions.  When you are running on adrenal and in a reactive mode you eat and do what you can just to survive.  When things calm and you have space to think clearer and more energy to deal with your life, your choices become less reactive – you eat better foods, you relax and sleep better, you drink that extra water that you need and stop reaching for sugary foods and drinks just to get through the next hour.

As their awareness has grown so has their health improved. This is very positive and has shown us that people can and will change to help themselves as they feel better. It’s about helping people to get to a point that they have enough reserves to make a change. We all know that some changes can be hard and it’s the last thing anyone wants to do when they are feeling flat and unwell. 

As people feel better they can make better choices, do better.

We have always had people that get better and more profound results than others.  It is not always the people that are eating all the right organic foods either (this can be a minefield within itself – a chat for a later time). So, what is it then? What are we missing? Why do some people get better results or results that hold longer than others?

We have put lots and lots of time, research, experiences – both good and bad, looking for the step that allows us to help with this unknown issue/s.

We have now discovered an important missing piece of information. And it’s more profound and yet more simple than we ever thought it would be. 

We have been playing around treating our environment with different Sacred Geometry symbols, Runes, etc for a few years with limited results. We kept thinking that there has to be something in all these symbols as people have been using different forms of them for thousands of years.  It was just unlocking the secrets of how we could get them to work for our house and environment. What we have worked out is that the symbols are just like a motor but a motor is no good to anyone just sitting in the shed. It takes a whole set of skills to work out what to do with the motor.  What the motor needs is a working structure around it so a layperson can make it work.  

The Symbols are the same.  They look great but without an easy-to-use structure to go with them, most people would never have a purpose for them.

I am sure there is a lot to learn about these Symbols. In the meantime we have worked out how to drive them to help lift the energy in our home and our environment. For the last 12 months we have been working with some of our clients to see if we could lift the energy/vibration in their environments to see if our process works in different situations.

After six months of trialling this process, we decided to see if we could lift the vibrations of our clients during the running of their healing plans.  First we had to find something to work with ie. What is the ideal vibration for a person, a dog, a horse, land?  We needed this information, this goal to test how each client was compared to someone running at a perfect vibration.  We did a lot of research and found a lot of similar information.  The chart below was what we decided to run with in our testing. Many things told us that 540Hz was a good working vibration for a person.  The chart below shows us 540Hz is the vibration of Joy.  Feels true.  

When we started testing our clients Hz levels we found many were running between 80-150Hz (Just above Grief through to Anger).  Not great.  Some existing clients were around 300Hz when they came back for maintenance plans but others were still running between 80-150Hz.  Whether we had lifted them and they’d slipped or maybe they had a frequency fence stopping them lifting higher. This opened another set of questions.  Could we lift them during the running of a healing plan?  As with all our work, we simply muscle tested the question?  Yes sometimes we are able to and other times the running of the healing plan will do the job for us.

That in place, we continued with our testing.  What we expected was for people to lift and stayed lifted but some slipped straight back down.  Something was affecting them at their end and we needed to know what that was and how we could help them with this problem.

If you live in a normal home with 240 volt power, you are surrounded by 50-60Hz vibration all the time.  This is the level of Apathy (lack of interest, depression).  Is it any wonder that a lot of people are stuck in an apathetic state.  Even if you are in a much higher state for a couple of hours a day, it’s very hard to maintain your energy when you leave that environment.  

Like most people we’ve been to workshops/seminars where they tell us to live in the vibration of love and gratitude, feel it with your every cell every moment of the day.  That’s a fantastic idea but if your environment is low vibration, even if you are running at a higher vibration you are being dragged backwards.  If that environment is your home, your sanctuary where every night you lay your head to rest and heal, it’s not really serving your needs.

We haven’t even talked about the food you eat, the water you drink. Not to mention geopathic stresses and any amount of other environmental stresses surrounding you – chemicals, toxins, fighting, negative talk and energy, etc.

There are a lot of products on the market that help reduce your EMF exposure, keep you healthy, neutralise negative energy.  We’ve looked at a lot and many run between 200-300Hz.  Are they giving you a big enough lift to support your vibration?

A healthy environment needs to be at least 600Hz.
People talk about the body’s ability to self-heal. People may have the ability if everything is running well and the body is up over 540Hz. But I would say that 90% of the people we start working with are running at less than 120Hz with quite a lot of these people well under 90Hz. So, if they need 540Hz to self-heal, how are you going to lift your vibration. Most land and produce (food), is down in the same area under 120Hz.  This is mostly true of organic produce too.

If your home is meant to be somewhere you go to rest and recover from the days stresses whether it be physically or mentally, you only have a short time before you have to go out to face the world again. Many people are trying to eat well and we are told to exercise. This all sounds great and we try to do what we can, but if after the days work we are only running at 100Hz we just have nothing in the tank to help us achieve these ideal processes. It’s like pushing shit uphill. If you look at Apathy 50Hz to Anger 150Hz and all the emotions in between you will see first why people just can’t do it and secondly why the habits of society are like they are in today’s world. There are very few people that live above Willingness 310Hz and are capable of making important life decisions. 

When we researched how to lift your vibration on the internet we found this:

  1. Become conscious of your thoughts.  Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality.
  2. Find something beautiful and appreciate it.
  3. Be conscious of the foods you eat.
  4. Drink Water
  5. Meditate.
  6. Be grateful.
  7. Practice acts of kindness.
  8. Get your blood pumping.

All very sound ideas, if you’ve got any energy left after doing all that you must do each day.

If we are trying to lift our Hz to improve our health and wellbeing, we need to work out what aspects of our life we need to work on. At the moment I can see 5 areas that we need to work on at this point. These are in No particular order as follows.

  1. Environment
  2. Food
  3. Physical Health 
  4. Internal Health (organ, systems and cell function)
  5. Emotions 

As you see this gives us 5 aspects of our life to focus on and for most of us this is not new. 

It should be easy but I telling you that very few people that we have worked on in the last 5 months are anywhere near where they need to be to feel and make the changes in their life that they desire.

We are working on some Energy Towers to help overcome these environment issues:

  • Cleanse and reenergise your food and water
  • Personal protection
  • Car, Unit, Caravan protection
  • Home vibration lift
  • Support sleep and healing