Helping A Child Overcome His Chronic Illness

We thought you might like to hear some good news about my nephew.

He looks healthier than ever and he said yesterday, without having to ask, that he can’t remember the last time he had been sick (he normally gets regular episodes) and that he’s feeling really good.

This is an enormous difference from when he first started on his plans and shows a continuation of the healing, even after the plans finish.

So we wanted to say thank you for facilitating better health for him, particularly in circumstances where many thought a genetic condition could not be positively impacted and definitely not in such a short period of time. 

The benefit to him and his well being, his schooling and his family is enormous! A kid that was constantly sick is now getting normality and consistency in daily life that most take for granted. 

We are really clear the investment was worthwhile for so many reasons and we send you guys and the Universe our heartfelt thanks for your service 🙏🏽

We will make sure that we arrange plans from time to time to help maintain his health. 

Thanks again and sending our love to you and your family.

Ruth, Australia

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