Natural Healing for Behavioural Issues

Below is Amanda’s testimonial on the healing work we did for her 4 year old daughter Sammi.
As soon as I had heard about Heal with Ease I knew it was the best possible start for our  daughter Samantha, I contacted Cathy straight away and well we haven’t looked back!

Sammi was a 4yr old that was very sensitive, very anxious, wasn’t sleeping, would not follow directions and would meltdown at the drop of a hat there was just no reasoning with her , she would be physical and lash out and and life was very difficult at this stage.

Cathy was very understanding and explained how her body was trying to cope with so much going on and put Sammi on her first healing plan, and what Cathy had discovered in such a young body was unbelievable, this left me speechless needless to say.  The first plan we had notice a dramatic effect, Sammi was listening and concentrating and was so calm and happy, triggers that would have her set off in unreasoning tantrum mode just didn’t seem to affect her any more. Sammi was sleeping soundly and would wake up refreshed and ready to start her day.

Sammi has completed several healing plans and now well we have a different Girl!

Sammi starts school next year and I was apprehensive about her not being able to settle and communicate in a positive way, but now I have no doubt that she will be just fine.

Cathy and Eric have been such a great support from day one and this has been such a positive and rewarding experience and am very thankful for the day Heal with Ease was introduced into our lives.

Ralph and Amanda xx

Update on Sammi 8 November 2014

Help for Samantha

Samantha was easily distracted tired and irritable would cry at the drop of a hat and struggled to concentrate at school, would wake several times a night and would get out of bed in the morning as if she had not been asleep with blackness under her eyes.

My first point of call was Heal with Ease, as having had Samantha on healing plans before I knew that Cathy could help.
Cathy provided us with a healing plan that would take Samantha back to her happy healthy self by clearing all the toxins out of her system.

We have seen a huge improvement even her teacher commented on how well she’s concentrating and completing her work. She’s sleeping soundly waking refreshed and ready for her day. She’s bright and cheery.

We would highly recommend Cathy and Eric from Heal with Ease for the wonderful work they do as well as the love and support and there genuine concern for our loved ones that go with it.

Amanda xx

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