Natural Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is often caused by damage to small blood vessels in the kidneys that filter waste and excess water from the blood. An underlying health condition usually plays a role.
Symptoms include swelling around the eyes and in the feet and ankles, foamy urine and weight gain due to excess fluid retention.
In February Zoee contacted us regarding her beautiful daughter Violette who had been diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome.
Zoee wrote:
“Hi Cathy
We have recently found out our 1 yr old daughter has nephrotic syndrome.  Her kidneys are releasing too much protein into her body.  She has been put on 6ml prednisolone, a steriod to suppress her immune system and 4ml antibiotics to counteract any infections she may get from having her immune system down and losec to counteract the gut impact from the antibiotics every day.
It would just be wonderful if you could help her get through this.  Help her through the disorder so it never returns (the doctors informed me that it should hopefully not return after this 3 month course of medications, but can relapse) and help her little body to survive the cocktail of drugs they’re pumping into her.  I just feel that she will need some assistance in getting this under control.  It’s worrying me.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give us.
Regards Zoee”
In the picture Zoee sent us Violette’s body was very puffy before she started on the medication.
In her first healing plan review Violette was running at just 51% with 5 healing plans indicated to bring her to good health.
When I contacted Zoee on 7th March to see how Violette went with her first healing plan she replied with the following:

“Hi Cathy. Violette is definitely improved. She’s eating very well, a bigger variety of food which is excellent. She walks everywhere now, her interactions with people has improved, the protein on the pee sticks has dropped dramatically in the last couple of days from being high to almost negative now. She’s lost all of her fluid weight and sleeping well. And seems to be handling her medications well also. Mostly we’ve noticed is that she has “grown” in a sense. Just since the healing plan started she has transformed from tired, distracted, uninterested baby into an active, interactive, eat everything in sight, talking, playing, bossy, giggly, dancing toddler. It’s so good. She feels more like the girl she should be. I can notice now how blah she was before now she feels and behaves more like a normal growing child. We will definitely start the next plan to keep her improving. Thank you so much xoxox”

After the second plan finished on 27 March:

“Hi Cathy I’m so pleased. She is going fantastically. There’s no protein in her wee anymore and she has 3 new teeth coming through!! Which is challenging for everyone, especially her but also a big step forward which is great. She walks everywhere and has added a few more words to her vocabulary. She has also started singing specific songs and doing actions example, twinkle twinkle little star and twinkling her fingers. She hasn’t had a single sniffle or anything this whole time! So we’ll start the next plan yeah? And keep the growing and healing happening 😊 Thank you so much xo”
After the third plan finished on 18 April:
“Hi Cathy. Violette is going great! Not much huge change at the moment but a continuing of health and happiness. She continues to have no protein in her wee and her steroid medication has been dropped back to 4ml every 2nd day which is great. I think she is due for a growth spurt though because she is eating a lot, getting chubbier and sleeping restlessly. And she hasn’t grown up in quite some time. We are especially loving the warmer, drier autumn weather at the moment and she spends most of her day without clothes and is very tanned and her hair has turned blonde instead of reddy brown. So all in all a very happy, very healthy chubby girl at the moment. Cheers Zoee.”
After the fourth plan finished on 22 May:
“Hi Cathy, I would like to get Violette’s last plan happening. She’s going really well but unfortunately I’ve misplaced her medication prescriptions (renos and rearranging our house) and won’t be seeing the pediatrician until early June (he’s also very hard to get in contact with). I don’t want a relapse of her nephrotic syndrome though so thought this last healing plan would do the trick until I can get a hold of him or find the prescriptions. She still has no protein in her wee, no fluid retention and is bouncy and happy and excited about everything even though she had FIVE teeth coming through at the same time hahaha! Thanks heaps Zoee”

Latest update for Violette – 5th June 2017.

Update on Violette after her healing plans. Violette has come so far since Cathy started her healing plans. I didn’t realise being a chubby baby and teething that her chubbiness, irritability and sleeplessness was actually caused more by the underlying health issues she had and especially exacerbated by her nephrotic syndrome. Her fluid retention was quite extensive. All the protein her body was making was being released into her wee instead of being utilised in her body. After starting her first plan the changes in her body and her emotional state was almost immediate. Her fluid weight went down within the first couple of days and it was only a week or so before she had no protein in her wee. She has grown and improved both physically and emotionally so much since then it’s amazing. Everyone who meets her comments on how grown up she is. She walks, runs, dances all day long. She is slowly learning new words but chatters away in jibberish constantly. Her favourite, most said and best said word is “muuuuuum!”. All her teeth that were so slow in coming through have come through all together in two lots of mass teeth emerging haha. She draws, does puzzles, reads books and rides her trike. And sleeps quite well at night. Even her hair has grown more! She is meeting all of her milestones so much quicker then she was previous to starting her healing plans. The cranky, tired, gummy, baldy, puffy 1yr old is gone and has turned into a happy, clever, active, somewhat bossy and cheeky 18 month old who is a delight to not only all of her family but also to herself. I can never thank Cathy and Eric more for their help in healing my sweet girl.

Zoee has approved us to share before and after photos of Violette.


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